100-plus protest Trump in Brentwood: KMOV

Anyone driving near the Drury Hotel or Whole Foods in Brentwood late Friday afternoon, early evening, would have seen and heard the ‘This is Not Okay: Take Action’ protest, KMOV reported.

More than a dozen organizations came together to protest President Trump and what’s happening in Washington, D.C.

News 4 estimated more than a hundred people at the corner of Brentwood Boulevard and Eager Road, which started at 5:30 p.m. and lasted until 7:30 p.m.

“We’ve had enough, there are so many things that are happening right now in the current administration that are not ok,” Annie Danis with Indivisible St Louis told KMOV.

Rachel Parker said, “I want people to feel like these are safe and comfortable place to come and part of the privilege of being an American is being able to gather in public places when we feel that things are not going our way.”

See the KMOV report, including video, here.

40 South was there at approximately 7 p.m. and saw close to a hundred protesters, mostly at the corner with the Brentwood fountain. No one was blocking traffic. Police from Brentwood, Richmond Heights and Webster Groves were watching from squad cars parked at Bonefish Grill.

Photo by 40 South News

Photo by 40 South News

25 thoughts on “100-plus protest Trump in Brentwood: KMOV

  1. All of you who hate The President, The Commander in Chief, you who will never give up demonstrating, may as well pack your bags get on a tramp steamer and head for North Korea. That little rice burner and fish head eater will be glad to have you. Another 100 mouths to feed, NOT. When North Korea takes us on is your mouth big enough to repeat the oath of enlistment. Now don’t come back to me and say your to old. You old folk could still go out to the James S. McDonnell USO and volunteer, That will give you something to do in your old age.
    You all had a chance to elect who you wanted for President. The problem you had you all picked a looser to begin with. Plus a person who lied under oath to the Congress. I do not know if any of you believe in the 10 Commandants, go to the church of your choice, if you do, how could you with a clear conscience vote for such a dishonest person such as Hillary Clinton. Give it up until the next election, then speak out with your vote. Otherwise for now stay home and stop embarrassing Brentwood. Did Brentwood issue your group a permit to congregate and demonstrate. If they did there is evil as you are. I am glad I don’t live in Brentwood.

    • I am also glad you don’t live in Brentwood. Are you and Harold the same person? I will leave it to “I Speak Good” to school you in the use of the English language. It seems your education left you unprepared for the 21st century. Is that the source of the anger and fear that permeates your post? You have my pity and my compassion.

      • Is your name Maryr? That is a funny name! You must be able read, not well, but English because I got your attention. You can never beat me, you will never win. Apparently my English is not perfect because I may be a immigrant, if not I still got your attention, read on. Are you against those not born in America. I think you have made fun of me which is probably a liberal federal crime. No lady would have made the comments towards me as you have. I actually feel I don’t belong in America anymore. Woman, about schooling me, you couldn’t teach a school of fish. God bless President Donald Trump! You made me tired and I probably will not write anything until tomorrow. Help me Howard, they think we are one in the same! HaHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fini, in Googagotchi means the end.

  2. I know people who were there; parents, in their 40’s and professionals. They are just regular people who were not political at all, until Trump was elected. They are worried about what kind of country we will have in the future, if the current administration and GOP are in control for 4-8 years.

  3. > Harold on July 30, 2017 at 3:12 pm said:
    > What a bunch of no nothings

    I think you mean you meant to write “know-nothings”

    > just something to do before they go back into their mothers’ and fathers’ basements

    Harold, I was there and I’m 63 and my parents died many years ago. Take your blinders off and turn off foxnews

    > After seeing this, our country has little chance of survival in the future.

    Our chances will certainly improve post-Trump

  4. A great way to keep informed is to go to MSN.com, click on News, click on politics. There are news articles from many different sources, including Fox occasionally, NYtimes, the Hill, AP, CBS, and more. It’s really easy to navigate, too.

  5. I think it is so strange that the real fax news station (fox) has been able to turn it all around to where all the other news stations are fake any they are the real deal
    We are now living in trumps America that was birthed from their 20 years of spin from their own no spin zones .

  6. When President Obama was elected those who opposed him (as much as anti-Trump people oppose President Trump today) expressed their opinions with sadness but without hysterics. They accepted the decision of the voters. Not so with those who oppose President Trump. They refuse to respect the results of this election and the decisions of their fellow Americans who voted differently from them. Instead they throw tantrums, make demands and make spectacles of themselves. It should be enough that the voters have spoken. That’s how our system has worked for over 200 years. If you oppose President Trump get involved in the political process to defeat him. Don’t just vent.

    • Re-read the last paragraph. There was no hysterics or tantrums. These people ARE voters too. It’s there right to be out there. Venting IS part of the political process. You also have a short memory… “sadness but without hysterics.” Yeah, right!

    • Bill, you seem to have forgotten all the ugliness and racist BS that took place for eight years. I wouldn’t call burning Obama in effigy sadness. It was madness! If putting his face on an apes body and continually demeaning his family with racist attacks wasn’t hysterics, you were living in a bubble.

    • >their opinions with sadness but without hysterics

      Pretty sure he was burned in effigy in a lot of places.

      >It should be enough that the voters have spoken.

      Voters did speak. I think was nearly 3 million more voters for the other person.

  7. There are MANY people in this area (and throughout the country) who agree with Holly! It’s unbelievable how Trump still has the support of so many people as well. But that definitely does NOT mean that others agree with what he does, says, his behavior, etc. For those of us who work in nonprofits, healthcare, human services and education, trying to help deserving individuals and families, it is unbelievable and appalling that basic human rights are UNsupported by our current administration, politicians (including our state of Missouri) and so many of our citizens. If peaceful protest can make a difference (along with lots of prayers), I am all for it and hope to participate in the future.

  8. Harold: See if there is a psychiatrist in your area and make and immediate appointment. Maybe he or she can get your head on straight. For your sake
    I hope so.

  9. Will at least they are protesting something that’s the truth about what’s going on with the world. There is not enough people protesting against him. Tramp just can’t get the job done right. He doesn’t need to be President.

  10. I had to go home and get a coat, it was so cold with all the snowflakes being there. What a bunch of no nothings, just something to do before they go back into their mothers’ and fathers’ basements to play games on their I phones. You won’t see them when school starts. Just another thing mom & dad are paying for. Just more Fake News. How about a story on Pokeman? Now that news! After seeing this, our country has little chance of survival in the future. As we enter the global warming ere, do you think the snowflakes will melt? That’s another good story. Do you think removing the monument in Forest Park will lower the homicide rate in the city of St Louis? Do you think with all the new electric cars, UE will raise the rates? We need more stories with relevance.

    • The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
      Hamlet Act 3, scene 2

      You seem so bent out of shape about it Harold, perhaps the “fragile snowflake” is you.

      • No ,not really. I just look back at my six years in the service 1961-1967 and think I spent all that time away from my family in some hot jungle and this is the outcome. No big deal, there will come a time when they need help and no one will show up. I know I won’t. Our new breed of hippie ! Just one thing, the old hippie was ” peace and love. With the new hippie it’s sponge off of everybody, give it to me free and its not my job!

        • Harold, you don’t seem too concerned about the billionaires and corporations leaching off the US taxpayer.

        • Judging by the photos, it looks like there was young and old out there. It wasn’t just a bunch of school kids with nothing to do. Would you rather they just be apathetic? Is that what you fought for with six years in the service? Instead of name calling why don’t you go out there and talk to some of these people and see if there are things you could share and stop recycling bitter rhetoric.

    • “know-nothings” or “Pokemon” “that’s” “era” Not sure what’s more pathetic. Your diatribe attacking your neighbors for daring to disagree with you, or your decimation of a language that you presumably have been taught for at least 12 years how to write.