16-floor office building planned in Richmond Heights

A $70 million, 16-floor, Class A+ office building is planned to replace the Burger King (just 50 years old), at 1200 South Brentwood, CityScene STL reported Monday.

According to plans, the building will have street-level retail along Brentwood Boulevard. 1200 S. Brentwood will have seven floors of offices on top of a nine-floor podium base.

The lobby area will feature a café and elevator lobbies. The 16th floor will have a private terrace with views of St. Louis and Clayton.

Developers hope to have the building completed in 2021.

6 thoughts on “16-floor office building planned in Richmond Heights

    • Well they had a plan when the innerbelt was built, but the citizens (at least I think it was voted on by the people, I was just a kid then) voted to cut it off in Brentwood rather than going through to south county. Chickens, meet roost.

      • I thought that bypass was a terrible idea. I’m talking about the poorly planned surface streets that make it tough for local traffic. I don’t think it’s simply a north-south issue. Eager Road, for example, is a disaster caused by poor planning that wouldn’t be addressed by an extended inner belt.

  1. Finally! That Burger King was a languishing site, so weirdly laid out. I would love to see this type of development extending up Brentwood Blvd to become a continuation of downtown Clayton.