2nd shooting threat at BHS; superintendent communicates with parents

A Brentwood resident shared with 40 South News a letter she said Brentwood Schools Superintendent Brian Lane sent to parents following what was reported to be the second shooting threat in a week at Brentwood High School. The second was a copycat, the superintendent said.

Superintendent Lane’s letter:

Dear Parents and Families,

In situations involving school threats there are often copycat offenders that are seeking similar attention. Unfortunately we had a copycat situation at Brentwood High School today in which we had a message referencing a school shooting on a restroom stall. The handwriting and message bore no similarities to the original message which leads us to believe that this is a copycat offender. In addition to additional police and staff presence, we will be taking the following additional measures:

-Stricter hall and lunch procedures including sign-out and sign-in sheets for students leaving a class
-Additional staff in restrooms
-Employ 3 additional substitute teachers per day to serve as hall monitors to support the administrative and police presence
-Purchasing additional security cameras to extend coverage

Outside of the above situation, we had another safe and productive day at BMS and BHS. We had over 96% of our students in attendance and we truly appreciate that you trusted us with your children. As we continue this investigation with the assistance of the Brentwood Police department, we believe that the original threat was not credible and the statement today was an effort to extend the situation. We are confident that all of our security measures will result in another safe and productive day tomorrow. Please contact me if you have further questions.


Dr. Brian Lane

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