3 businesses aiming to open September 1

Three businesses are working to open on September 1 in Maplewood in the building on the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Sutton Boulevard, according to August Schlafly, agent with Schlafly Corporation.

He said the building is now full.

The Blue Duck restaurant already opened there earlier this year (the door is on Sutton). Aiming for September 1 are: Goebel & Co. Furniture, mStoner (a design agency in Chicago opening an office here), and a hair salon.

8 thoughts on “3 businesses aiming to open September 1

  1. Does it ever cross the minds of the folks complaining about the amount of hair salons that the proprietors likely have established clientele bases from outside Maplewood who will now travel to Maplewood to get their hair cut and may also stop at other businesses while here or maybe even see a restaurant they want to come back and visit?
    (Written by a guy who gets his haircut at great clips)

  2. How about more vape shops and tattoo parlors? Those are growth industries….

  3. Wow you people are picky. “Waaah! Too many chicken places! Too many hair salons! Too many bars! Waaaah!” Business is business.

    • Well Daniel, that would be just great if it were the businesses (i.e. Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand”) doing the deciding. But instead we’ve got city board members deciding what can go where. There’s a big difference between the two.

  4. I am all for supporting new small businesses, but does Maplewood really need yet another hair salon???