3 Eagle Scouts awarded

Boy Scouts, Christopher Skaggs, Shawn Faulkingham Jr. and Dempsey Schroeder, in MRH Boy Scout Troop 362, were awarded their Eagle Scout badges on Sunday.

The photo, courtesy Troop 362, is the scouts on top of Mount Baldy at 12,441′ at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.

From Left to right: Christopher Skaggs, Shawn Faulkingham Jr., Dempsey Schroeder at Philmont Scout Ranch.

4 thoughts on “3 Eagle Scouts awarded

  1. Congratulations! Continue on your path of the Eagle Scout! …future role models! ???

  2. It is far beyond the land of enchantment to say the future is borrowed in the present for all our youth ! Hopefully in conventuality the American Dream grows in new world realism. Of the four loves of seven from the classic world phileo meant brotherly love and that in your achievement may it lead to the highest circle of practical and continued substantiation of pragmatic dreaming in best leadership and self esteem: the discovery of hands on vision to community and highest affect. May reflective process be clear and distinct as being ground in language of family and well suited to your intentional goals. That ground on oneness in imaginative change utilized in focus marginal to the least joy toward others misfortune. Yet freedom in brave liberation of just being yourselves with agape! Hats off to you and yours-thanks for sharing…flourishing one footprint at a time.