7380 Flora Avenue: video

Doug Houser, Maplewood historian, recently wrote about the house at 7380 Flora Avenue, once the home of the McGregor family, which owned an early bakery in Maplewood.The house is going on the market. The real estate agent has this video of the interior.

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  1. There is an old adage, “A home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay”. This can swing both ways. Many superior homes towards the northern part of St. Louis County are selling at BARGAIN prices, not because of lack of quality or services but because of supply and demand in that area. Heck homes that can boast a 63143 zip code but are in the City of St. Louis instead of Maplewood do NOT see the same pricing benefits. Maplewood and Richmond Heights values do not conform to those of other areas. WHY might you ask? The sense of community here is a big factor, add to that the accessibility its central location offers lastly throw in an incredible school district add to that the phyiscal borders of this community are quite small. So you have a high demand area with a low number os residential building available. Since the schools are part of the attraction bigger homes are in an even higher demand to accommodate families who plan to attend the school system. This home was never advertised as a 4 bedroom home, it was only advertised as three but the homeowner had taken great pains to maintain the historic integrity of the home while adding many updates that made the home for fully functional for the needs of today’s homeowner. It is worth noting that yes a 117-year-old home that has an incredibly unique 100-year-old Ginko tree in front is not something you can recreate easily. The 3 original fireplaces while non-functioning sit in the same place they have sat for over 100 year, imagine if they could talk? Add to that lets ad an outstanding job by the stager to bring all that to life. We take great pride in assisting our sellers to get the highest and best price possible for their homes, marketing and staging is a big part of that plan. This home did, in fact, go under contract less than 24 hours after the first open house which was the first showing. Homes in MRH are fetching incredible prices in this current market.

  2. I’m curious as to how they determined to list the home for $374,000. There are a few notable factors about the house:
    – The square footage at 2,000 is larger than most similar amount of bed/bath homes
    – The 4th small room not classified as a bedroom has a lot of utility on the second floor.
    – The attic, which they call a 3rd floor, does have a small value associated with it, but may already be contributing to the square footage of the home.
    – It has a fireplace (three actually, but not sure what value having more than one brings)
    However other than these four things, it appears to be a well maintained 3 bed 2 bath home with an updated kitchen, a standard cellar, and all bedrooms are on the top floor sharing a single bathroom (and may not even have off street parking). So a home like this in today’s very seller friendly market may sell for $285,000 or $290,000. It would seem to take a very specific buyer – one who highly values age of a home and is looking to spend over $300K in MW to get close to their asking price. But I guess we will see if that person is out there.

    • I think when you look at the price per sq footage, it makes sense. A house that looks that nice can easily fetch $180 to 200 per sq foot.

  3. Your home is so beautiful, what I could see. That ‘traveling tea’ commercial is so annoying in the way it blocks a lot of the view !!! I love the bright furnishings. the space.

    Best wishes to you as you go into a new residence.

    • Donna, Thanks for telling me about that large ad. It’s not supposed to be that big. Can you tell me what browser you use? Hopefully I can fix it.

  4. Love my house! Soon it will be loved by another family 🙂 The tree is my favorite. Thank you very much for the article. It is very hard to leave Maplewood and all of the nice neighbors and people we know. We walked to Schlafly, the Cellar, or Boogaloo for a beer. We
    Walked to The Living Room or Foundation Grounds for coffee or breakfast. We walk to The Post to watch Cardinal games and grab a burger or rode the metro to the game. We walked to Strange Donuts for awesome donuts. We ate a ton of sandwishes and meats from Bolyards or their organic meats. We went bowling or rode bikes to Forest Park. We will miss you Maplewood!