8 Unique Pet Gift Ideas from the APA

Christmas is fast approaching, and you may still be searching for that special something for Fluffy or Fido. Don’t  worry- the APA has you covered. With this list of fun and unusual gift ideas, you’re sure to spoil your pet without breaking the bank.

1. Airplane Cat House ($26, fab.com)

It’s no secret that cats love to pretend they’re invisible inside cardboard boxes. Indulge your kitty’s flight of fancy this year with a realistic model plane cat house! This whimsical, finely-detailed feline abode gives your cat the chance to feel snug and secure while looking like a “four-footed flying ace”!

2. Hyper Dog 4-ball Launcher ($29.95, activedogtoys.com)

For those pups who never seem to tire of a good game of fetch, there’s the Hyper Dog ball launcher. Save yourself from tennis elbow and give your pooch the exercise he craves by launching the tennis ball over 220 feet! Compatible with any regular-sized tennis balls, this ultimate activity toy gives dogs a whole day’s worth of exercise in just 30 minutes! There are also other dog ball throwers that are similarly priced as found on MiluMimi.
3. Pet Bow Ties ($6-20, etsy.com)
Help your pets ring in the New Year in style with a snazzy bow tie! Affordable and available in every color and pattern imaginable, these simple and easy accessories are sure to leave holiday guests saying “Aww…” and have your pet feeling extra special from all the loving attention.

4. Critter Cruiser ($17.95, wag.com)


Gerbils, start your engines!  Help your little guy get a taste of the big life and his daily exercise with a pet-powered Critter Cruiser! With three different positions, the Critter Cruiser allows hamsters and gerbils to get the ride of their lives around the house or just run with the car idling in stationary position. Vrroom, vrroom!


5. Doggie Cigars ($10, blueribbongeneralstore.net).


As funny as it is to watch a dog run with a stick in its mouth, even funnier is a dog running with a cigar in its mouth. Add a dose of humor to that game of fetch with an amusing cigar rope instead. Made of durable and flexible nylon, this fun toy can be a great tug-of-war item, too!


6. Cat Scratch DJ ($29.99, thinkgeek.com)

Turn your cat into the life of the party with her very own turntable! This cardboard mixing deck shaped cat scratching mat features a spinning deck and posable tone arm. Just sprinkle a little catnip on the scratching mat and your kitty will be mixing with the best of them!

7. Slo-Bowl ($24.99, slo-bowls.com)

Dogs love to eat, and they love to eat as much as they can, often as fast as they can. Unfortunately, this isn’t good for them. Bloat is a very serious, life-threatening condition that affects thousands of dogs each year. One of causes of bloat is eating too quickly. Slo-bowls’ maze-like ridges and valleys help curb your pup’s wolfing ways while offering them a hunt-like, stimulating meal. This year, give your pooch a fun, entertaining way to eat and give yourself peace of mind knowing that they’re taking their time to digest.


8. Cat Crib ($29, uncommongoods.com)

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best. Cats love dens and watching over their lairs. Give Kitty a hammock-like post where she can rule the roost by attaching a cat crib to any end table or chair. This excellent hiding spot is sure to give your cat the secret fortress she craves and takes up no additional space in the room. Purr-fect for the space-challenged living situations!


Happy Holidays from the pets and people of the APA!

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