Taste of Maplewood: the food, the winners, the music

Maplewood’s food purveyors lined several blocks of Sutton Boulevard Saturday as folks packed the street for the eighth annual Taste of Maplewood.

Three of the tasters were Jean Carnahan of Good Food St. Louis (and Missouri’s First Lady in the 90s), Lern Colvin from KSHE95 and Charlie Gutherie of We Eat Stuff blog. They judged the Taste winners.

Carnahan said in Good Food St. Louis: “Even a short visit to Maplewood and you’ll fall in love with the friendly city with the charm of a small town. The community takes pride in its many fine places to eat and their annual street festival is another chance to strut their stuff. A shout out is due Jeannine Beck, Director of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce, for another lively, successful celebration.”

The winners were:

Best Sweet Tooth: Aztec Chocolate Bread from Great Harvest Bread
Best Savory Dish: Plantain and Chorizo Empanada from Maya Cafe
Best Cocktail/Mocktail: Sutton’s Gone a Rye from Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions
Best of the Best: Maya Cafe

See more of Carnahan’s thoughts, and photos of the event in Good Food St. Louis.

The Maplewood Richmond Heights Blue Devils R&B Band opened on the main stage.

4 thoughts on “Taste of Maplewood: the food, the winners, the music

  1. If you look at the Strange Donuts tweet, the Chamber of Commerce tweet and the Blue Devils video, it is clearly evident that Tony Short has a chip on his shoulder bias, or is actually colorblind. Yelling fire in a crowded theatre, when there is none is as inflammatory and extreme as your inaccurate comment. There were, many African Americans there, I do not recall the number or the importance of tallying one. Please stop creating an issue that clearly No ONE has any control over. Public events allow ALL.

  2. There are no such things as ‘Caucasian’ parties. It is open to the public. Come on down and bring all your friends and enjoy a real party.

    • There were African Americans there, but you’re right, it was a predominantly white gathering. It would be great to have more diversity at our events.