A Dollar Tree mystery

Dollar Tree in Deer Creek didn’t open this morning, according to a report to 40 South.

A local resident got there at about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday, and there was a woman making a phone call to the company. The company was aware, but no one had put a note on the door saying the store hadn’t opened.

Apparently the manager didn’t show up and employees couldn’t get in. After hanging around for a while the resident called the police. An officer showed up, and the resident left him talking to one of the employees, then grabbed a Post-It note from America’s Best and put a note on the door.

An employee said later today, on the phone, that the manager got there at noon and the store opened.

9 thoughts on “A Dollar Tree mystery

  1. Relax, it was one day. Cant believe how people went above and beyond unnecessarily in this situation. Drive to another one…

  2. I am a Dollar Tree nut also…. They have GREAT things for just $1.00. I love it

  3. If we all continue to shop online and from Amazon, this story (and store) will soon be a fond memory. Even with business, chains will close. Retail has gone virtual.

    • I’m pretty sure brick and mortar store still dominate the retail market share. Stop whining about “the good ole days”

  4. I wonder if the poor guy overslept. I talked with him yesterday afternoon and he had been there since 5 am.
    They are way understaffed like most retail places now days. Corporations need to pay more to entice
    people to work for them.

    • The challenge with your suggestion is that, if followed, this retailer would need to change their name to the “Two Dollar Tree”, and they would probably lose business and have to close, at which point there would be no employees. Corporations primary challenge is that they need to apply math to their decisions, which is another way of saying “reality”.

      I agree with maureen however…….be nice to these folks working there……at least do your small part in making their day a little more pleasant.

  5. I arrived there around 11 and also was amazed that there was no note for the many customers who were coming to shop. I looked up the Dollar Tree HQ in Virginia, was on hold for over 15 minutes as the automated system continued to loop saying there was a high volume usage. I then called another Dollar Tree that said they were not in the same region. I then contacted the Watson Road store and the manager there indicated that the District Manager was aware and was trying to get the problem resolved. This makes me sad that we have a store in our neighborhood with so much business but lack of good management is going to put it out of business.

  6. I am a Dollar Tree JUNKIE x 7 years…Always KNEW staff was completely over-worked, and even the manager had huge frustrations. If you go there—-BE NICE….