A Maplewood mess of wires too

A resident read in 40 South about a tangle of wires on S. Brentwood Boulevard assumed to belong to Charter Cable. He contributed a photo of a similar subject in Maplewood.

He said it’s in the 2500 block of Bellevue Avenue, and has been there for many months.

4 thoughts on “A Maplewood mess of wires too

  1. In most cases service providers such as Charter and AT&T do not remove service drops to homes or businesses. They leave them there for future service. Often times building owners remove them on their own accord and tape it to poles.

    • Well cable providers should take more of an interest in removing them. I used to have Charter but I ended my service some years ago. They left the line that ran from a phone pole across the street to my house in place even though I had asked for its removal at the time I discontinued service. I tried multiple times over the next several years to get them to come out a remove it citing that the line was sagging lower and lower and they claimed that it wasn’t their problem. Finally last summer I had to do something because the line had sagged low enough that trash trucks, delivery trucks and emergency vehicles were getting caught on it and were having to untangle themselves from it. At that point they FINALLY came out and took it down. (Before anyone says anything I was unable to take it down myself due to physical issues so no I couldn’t have done so myself.)