ACLU to host event in Maplewood

ACLU Missouri and Equal Housing and Opportunity Council will host a community education and discussion session on Maplewood’s nuisance ordinance laws at the Salvation Army in Maplewood (7701 Rannells Avenue) on July 11, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

According to an organizer of the event, such laws penalize landlords and tenants living in properties where 911 is called to, even if they are the victim of the crime or if no conviction is ultimately made.

From the event’s Facebook page:

‘Crime-free ordinance’ laws punish renters and homeowners when police are called to a property. But what happens when a renter calls the police themselves, or when no crime is committed? Join ACLU and Equal Housing and Opportunity Council for a community discussion and presentation on Maplewood’s ‘crime-free ordinance.’ FOOD AND DRINKS WILL BE PROVIDED.

Sandra Park from the ACLU will be discussing the ACLU’s current litigation against Maplewood, as well as case studies for other cities where nuisance ordinances were repealed for being illegally harsh.

Kalila Jackson from EHOC will be discussing crime-free nuisance ordinances in St. Louis municipalities and give an overview of the issues involved.

There will be plenty of time for audience Q&A

The ACLU sued the city of Maplewood in May 2017, challenging the city’s ‘chronic nuisance ordinance.’

See also: New York Times, others, report on suit against Maplewood

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  1. I believe the lawsuit lives on. The only thing they dismissed was individually named officials. Correct?