Brentwood incumbent aldermen filed to run; not the mayor

As of Thursday, Dec. 29, the incumbent aldermen for each of the four Brentwood wards, whose terms expire in April, have filed to run for another term.

An elected official not filed (Dec. 17 was the first day), is Mayor Chris Thornton. When asked in city hall on Thursday, he was noncommittal; he said he hasn’t made a public statement.

The aldermen who have filed are:

  • Ward 1: David Plufka
  • Ward 2: Brandon Wegge
  • Ward 3: Steve Lochmoeller
  • Ward 4: Tom Kramer

So far none of the incumbents have competition. The last day to file to run in Brentwood is January 17 at 5 p.m.

Current Brentwood Municipal Judge Patrick Dignam has also filed to run, and he also has no competition so far.

3 thoughts on “Brentwood incumbent aldermen filed to run; not the mayor

  1. Maureen, as I said some years back on those who have filed to run for election, if a background check was conducted we may find out some of the candidates are not who they claim to have been in their past.

    Mark Wilson would be a great Mayor. Mark has roots here and he wants this community to be one of the top or top municipality in the county. A place where families want to come to and raise their children in a Blue Ribbon School District.

    I believe if we could get Mark to run again he would have way more support because I think the citizens of Brentwood are discussed with this administration.

    Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall during the board’s closed meetings or have all their phones tapped. Just think how many more live trees would still be standing and the extension of a park parking lot which is not overcrowded would not be expanding.

  2. I agree. Let’s elect Mark Wilson so he can take the brunt of the anger and second-guessing of the small number of malcontents in Brentwood. I wish someone could explain to me why anyone would want to be mayor in this city. In addition, why would anyone take the advice of someone that is moving away from Brentwood?

  3. Mark Wilson grew up in Brentwood. When he ran for mayor, it was a spoiler by Patrick Toomey — so obviously not an outcry for Chris Thornton. IF YOU WANT TO PRESERVE BRENTWOOD, IN BOTH IT’S HISTORY AND COMMITMENT TO THE FUTURE—please email and then VOTE for Mark Wilson. e- He is committed to the best interests of Brentwood, very transparent in his goals to keep our City in good, reasonable, and protected from OVER-INDULGENT, AGENDA PUSHING, and will always listen—-Mr. Wilson takes a VERY PERSONAL INTEREST IN OUR COMMUNITY—-not to be said about Chris. This was a stepping stone and resume builder for thornton, imo—When Chris first took office, he PROMISED transparency. This never materialized, nor were his ambitions to listen to the people of Brentwood—and likely using it to make contacts to benefit his own finances. a VERY reliable source said he was demoted for being an ineffective attorney in his past corporate job. Mark Wilson has a heart that beats for the best interests of Brentwood. This is my opinion—and after 3-4 months of “transparent” mayoral appearances–his personal agenda AGAIN took over and the people no longer mattered. I personally would like to see ALL the contracts and indulgences paid for by B’wd taxpayers, and AUTHORIZED by Chris after his ‘honeymoon’ stage. I believe Chris really does not know how to listen, nor does he care to learn. Please solicit Mark Wilson–who has lived in B’wd LONGER than Chris and Toomey COMBINED.