Ameren Missouri with advice to stay cool and safe, and save money in the process

From Ameren Missouri: The power to control energy use is as easy as the flip of a switch or the turn of a dial – and every customer has multiple opportunities to save money.

An easy, inexpensive step everyone can take is to replace the bulbs in your home’s five most frequently used light fixtures. This one simple step can save $45 a year. Customers can find various cash back offers, energy-efficiency programs and discounted lightbulbs online at

There is also an opportunity for homeowners needing a new air conditioning system to save. Cash rebates up to $650 are available on new HVAC equipment through our energy efficiency programs. For even greater control and opportunities to save, we also offer a $50 instant rebate on smart thermostats. In many cases, these can be added to existing HVAC systems and provide a reduction in energy use.

Ameren Missouri is offering more than $120 million in energy-efficiency savings and rebates to our customers. To learn more and to take advantage of these programs, visit

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