9 thoughts on “Apartments above Waldbart Florist abandoned, before demolition

  1. The space above the flower shop, in the 1970’s, was a Costume Shop! My M-RH Drama student Jim Hely was a friend of the owner–he was friends with many interesting people, here in Maplewood and Richmond Heights and abroad–who was renowned for being good to her friends and–well, perhaps
    not so obliging to those unknown to her–a legendary RH figure!

  2. It is just shame that not only is the building being demolished, but that a Total Access is being built in its place. Replacing a historical and elegant building with an urgent care whose only goal is to scam people out of their money is a sad disgrace.

  3. Love the fireplace and the stained glass. Sure hoping they are somehow salvaged, but I worry that the same mindset that would tear down the building doesn’t care if they go into the landfill.

  4. exactly what I was thinking. I know those old sinks weight a ton but they are great for a small kitchen like that or in someone’s basement for a wash out the paint brushes and soak some laundry.

    Problem with the trim is you do have to be aware of lead base paint but if you are careful it can be saved and reused.

  5. I hope somebody saves some of the Woodwork and anything of Historical value.. repurpose the stuff they don’t make anymore..