Apartments, not a prison, going up at Dale and Boland

People have been calling the city of Richmond Heights asking about concrete slabs going up at Dale Avenue and Boland Place, hoping that’s not what the planned Boland Place apartments will look like. It’s not — it’s only the first phase of construction.
See the site plans for the planned 187-unit apartment building.

Concrete slabs will be the inside walls of the apartment building.

Rendering of the finished apartment and mixed use building.

4 thoughts on “Apartments, not a prison, going up at Dale and Boland

  1. The gigantic apartment building next to Brentwood Forest and I-64 on Eager Rd is in RH. It’s easy to forget about those since it feels like Brentwood over there. I agree, traffic on Dale has gotten worse. I feel for those residents living along Boland between Dale and Clayton Rds.

  2. Traffic on Dale has been getting noticeably heavier the last couple of years. Once this thing opens I can only imagine what it will be like.

  3. Very disappointed. 187 apartments and 350+ parking spaces added to an already over-saturated traffic grid. This what you get with tax hungry politicos who are willing to throw their city’s long-term residents under the bus in order to fill their coffers…

    • Uncle Jedd, People need a place to live. No where except parts of St Louis city or way out west where you can put a subdivision with 187 homes in. At least they are planning on parking so they should not have to park on the street.