Area flower farm wants your food waste

A small farm that uses compost to grow flowers is seeking your residential food waste. Subscribers get finished compost in return. They sent information to 40 South.

BLH Farm grows the flowers on a city garden plot leased through the Land Reclamation Authority program as well as on family land west of the city. They also have a small but growing apiary, producing raw, unfiltered honey.

Last year they began a residential food waste collection service serving St Louis, providing a clean bucket each week using household food waste to produce compost and vermicast for their farm, which is also periodically shared back with members.

The aerated compost and worm castings are a major source of fertility for their flowers, and by making their own compost from post-consumer food waste they not only divert organic material from landfills, they are also able to make high-quality compost using herbicide-free carbon sources, avoiding persistent herbicides as well as lawn chemicals.

See their blog for more detail about what’s going on at the farm. Instagram too.

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