Residents say tap water tastes different lately, KSDK reports why

Some Maplewood residents have said their tap water tastes different lately. One said it tastes “extra-processed” and another described it as tasting dirty.

It looks like they are both right.

KSDK looked into it and reported that flooding, like we’ve had recently, can cause pieces of dirt and sometimes chemicals from upriver run-off to be suspended in the tap water.

Missouri American Water adds “powder activated carbon to remove any odor or taste. In addition, disinfectants are used to purify the water. The water always must meet EPA standards for clean and safe drinking water,” KSDK reported.



3 thoughts on “Residents say tap water tastes different lately, KSDK reports why

  1. I have noticed after heavy rains my water would taste dirty and smell different too. We have all new plumbing from the street and throughout the house.
    So I knew it had to be from the water Co.

  2. I’ve noticed a earthy or moldy smell and taste recently. I’m relieved to know it’s not something inside the house. Thanks.