Arrests for stolen cars in Maplewood

Matthew R. Higgins, 25, of Cedar Hill, MO, was charged with resisting arrest after leaving the Maplewood QuikTrip on April 21 at high speed in a car stolen in Jefferson County, according to court and police records.

As Higgins left he nearly hit multiple police officers. He drove at high rates of speed and traveled through intersections controlled by red light signals. He eventually stopped and  was taken into custody.

Also in Maplewood, Marvailes N. Emory, 31, of St. Louis, in November 2016 stole a wallet from a customer at 7-Eleven, and a car nearby, according to court records. Victim (1) reported that his wallet was stolen while he was making a purchase at the 7-Eleven store in Maplewood. Victim (2) reported that on the same evening her 2013 Dodge Journey had been stolen from outside her house at 7477 Maplewood Avenue. Marvailes was arrested a few hours after the theft of victim’s (1) wallet by Clayton police. He had victim’s (1) credit cards and the key fob to the victim’s car. Marvailes was arrested several months later by Maplewood police and confessed to stealing the wallet and also stealing the car. He said the car he stole had been left unlock with the key inside it.

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