Craig’s view: Audio restoration biz cuts through the noise in Richmond Heights

Whether it’s an old family recording or audio for an upcoming case, Clayton Studios can fix you up.

A wire recorder

A wire recorder

Clayton Studios, at 1126 S Big Bend Boulevard in Richmond Heights, offers audio restoration and enhancement of such items as old family reel-to-reel recordings, audio cassettes and microcassettes, phone messages, vinyl records, even wire recordings.

They restore, enhance and digitize the sound quality of old cassettes, microcassettes, wire recordings and phone messages, as well as audio from VHS, Betamax or camcorders. You hear the old voices and sounds of your family and friends on crackle-free digitized media.

 MACKIE 14 channel mixer

MACKIE 14 channel mixer

Production Coordinator Steve Moore gave an example. “A woman came in with a reel-to-reel tape that she wanted us to digitize,” Moore said. “She told us they were recordings of her deceased husband. She wanted to give them to their son, who had never heard his father’s voice before.”

Because they have the original equipment on which the audio was recorded, they easily transfer the digitized audio from diverse — and familiar — media players: 8-Tracks, VHS and Betamax decks, cassette players, turn-tables, even a wire recorder.

“By using noise analyzing and reduction software, we are often able to enhance audio quality and audibility,” says Dick Ulett, President of Clayton Studio. Like on CSI, they ‘clean up’ sound by reducing background noise, removing distortion, and literally clean the tapes using a special cleaning fabric.

Once your audio and video soundtracks have been restored, Clayton Studios archives them and transfers them from the analog device to CD, DVD, or audio files for your iPad, smart phone or laptop.

On a more clandestine note, Mr. Ulett also says their audio restoration and enhancement process is utilized by attorneys, private investigators and law enforcement for “upcoming cases.”

Clayton Studios is mainly known mainly as a music and voice studio, recording many of the music acts, radio commercials and television voice-overs heard every day in this market.  Other services include CD and DVD replication, and video restoration.

To inquire about audio restoration and enhancement contact Steve Moore – Production Coordinator – – 314-781-6200

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