Maplewood needs something like Brentwood’s fountain, street repair too, resident says

Recently, the City of Maplewood stated that they have a million plus dollars to spend and are open to suggestions.  Now I understand that I am not involved with our leaders on a daily basis, but it seems ironic to me that they are making this statement on the heels of asking us to increase our taxes for both a fire station and to support the lateral program… I also find it ironic that instead of ramping up the resurfacing of our neighborhood streets, they are looking for ‘projects’.  Why?  So many of our residential streets are in terrible shape – which not only harm our cars, ruin the ascetics of our neighborhoods and drive property values down, but also discourage home buyers. Those same people who are drawn to drive around to see what they can find in our charming areas, make a bee-line for the main arteries (or Richmond Heights) after bumping and bobbling down our side streets. The city is repairing streets in order of a study completed over a decade ago (a study, by the way that they paid tens of thousands for).  And let’s not forget, the city Maplewood consists of much more area than simply the blocks south of Manchester close to the business district…all the updates, cute street name signs in the blocks surrounding the strip, do not carry across the entire city – why not areas north of Manchester or west of Big Bend?  Why not the poor souls who are now facing the back side of a Walmart? Finally, if we aren’t going to have our taxes lowered or fix the streets that are in obvious need, or continue the beatifications that have only landed in and near the business district, then how about taking a cue from other cities and improve our ‘name plates’?