Maplewood mayoral candidate, Barry Greenberg, expands agenda

This is the literature that I have been handing out since I began gathering signatures last year. Now that I am again making the rounds and talking to Maplewood residents, I would like to expand my agenda items on assisting seniors to also include people with disabilities. The environment and the services we provide should accommodate and support citizens with physical and mental limitations. As I speak with Maplewood residents, inclusion for ALL people has been a popular issue expressed that I strongly agree with and it is part of what makes Maplewood great.

Maplewood mayoral candidate, Barry Greenberg, on importance of a comprehensive plan

I had lunch yesterday with Scott Ogilvie, City of St. Louis Alderman for Ward 24, which abuts Maplewood’s eastern boundary. We met at Michaels to discuss how our two cities can work together to improve the Manchester Road corridor and extend our business district to McCausland Avenue. We spoke with several businesses in the area, looked at properties that could be improved and talked about how the area could be best used. There was also discussion of signage at the city limits and other topics.

Maplewood mayoral candidate on aging in place

I recently brought my 91-year-old father and 84-year-old mother back from Phoenix because of concerns we have for them living on their own. It highlighted an issue that I have been attempting to address for some time: that we don’t have assisted or even independent living facilities within walking distance of our downtown business district. Statistics indicate that the aging baby boomers are becoming a significant demographic and we need to plan for a community that is inclusive of our senior population. Aging in place here is difficult, as the cost of living, maintenance costs, and property taxes are just a few of the many financial problems facing seniors on a fixed income. The immediate future holds no promises from our federal government on maintaining social security, Medicare and other programs at rates that don’t further erode retirement plans.

Councilman on mosquito fogging: possible hazards and how to avoid them

With regard to mosquito fogging In Maplewood, residents can contact the County hotline, at 314-615-4284, which should be updated between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursdays based upon mosquito counts that they do a day or two prior to spraying. They can now verify in-house whether there are mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus in their five districts. The hotline will post their spraying schedule for that evening. You can also contact St. Louis County Vector Control via email at: with your home address and email address and they should send you an email around 3:00 on the days they will be spraying.