Craig’s view — Indiegogo for Amy’s Undies: undies for bigger butts

The editor of 40 South fired off an email to me.  “Craig – I was sent this. Could be something…”

‘Something’ turned out to be an item on a Maplewood resident, Amy Jones, who has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a new underwear line, named “Amie’s Undies”.  Amy has created a new sizing system “based off the different sizes of backsides.” Unambiguously, women’s backsides. I emailed back that I’d check it out. He emailed right back, “Thanks. Was thinking — do it straight (as possible)”
I will go strictly by the request of the editor, mainly the “as possible” part.

Craig’s view: Batteries not included

The “Batteries Not Included” racket is one of the greatest of all time, right up there with ordering a ten-dollar hamburger with “Fries Not Included”, and paying an extra 75 cents for black olives or mushrooms on your pizza. I’m used to buying gadgets for which the batteries are ‘not included.  I even expect it.  I wouldn’t think of buying a flashlight without also heading to the battery rack. I recently I bought a Propane Designer Series Stainless Steel Grill, a piece of equipment that doesn’t require batteries. When I read the owner’s manual, I learned that something important to powering my grill was ‘not included’. The propane tank.  That didn’t seem fair.

Craig’s view: A visitor’s guide for basic St. Louis pronunciations

When we were kids my brother and I marveled at how all the national newscasters — Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley, etc. — had Midwestern, i.e., St. Louis, accents. We took it as a sign that we alone spoke proper American English, with no drawl or affectation, unlike the south where everybody sounds like a football coach, or the northeast where you can’t understand a word anybody says. Even as my accent as softened, the colloquial pronunciations of certain words still come alive in my head as I type.  So, for those who like to imagine an author’s voice, and for those who move their lips when they read, I offer the basic “St.

Craig’s view: Audio restoration biz cuts through the noise in Richmond Heights

Whether it’s an old family recording or audio for an upcoming case, Clayton Studios can fix you up. Clayton Studios, at 1126 S Big Bend Boulevard in Richmond Heights, offers audio restoration and enhancement of such items as old family reel-to-reel recordings, audio cassettes and microcassettes, phone messages, vinyl records, even wire recordings. They restore, enhance and digitize the sound quality of old cassettes, microcassettes, wire recordings and phone messages, as well as audio from VHS, Betamax or camcorders. You hear the old voices and sounds of your family and friends on crackle-free digitized media. Production Coordinator Steve Moore gave an example.

Craig’s view: Mosquito fogging in RH

The City of Richmond Heights mosquito fogging program will take place every Wednesday through September beginning at sundown. Staying indoors during the application is recommended. This is exciting news for people who grew up in the 1960s. That was the golden decade of mosquito spraying. No one was told to stay indoors, or to bring their pets inside.