You are invited to a party and art show celebrating St. Louis and Missouri artists

You are invited to unleash your party animal at the upcoming Paws + Prints event, Saturday, April 14 to benefit the APA Adoption Center in Brentwood, Missouri. The fundraiser is a combination party and art show celebrating St. Louis and Missouri artists at the new Covo STL event space. It features a rooftop patio with an amazing view of the city. This is the second year for Paws + Prints which is hosted by The Young Friends of the APA.

APA Adoption Center first in Missouri to remove breed labels on dogs for adoption

Rusty as his name suggests has red fur. An energetic addition to the APA Adoption Center in Brentwood, Missouri near Saint Louis looks much different from his litter mates. So does Rusty have a different father than the other pups? Is he part Chow? Since there are more than 200 known breeds, which can be combined in up to 55 trillion different ways, without genetic testing there is no way to make an educated guest.

APA offers free spay, neuter for pit pulls and mixes

The Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA Adoption Center) is inviting owners of pit bulls or pit bull mixes to take part in the new ‘Fix-a-Bull’ initiative. The program offers free spay or neuter surgeries for Pit Bulls or Pit mixes. There are no income restrictions or residency requirements to be eligible for the innovative free program. Pit Bulls make up a majority of dogs in shelters across the nation. They are also one of the least common breeds adopted.

Puppies, festive sweaters, twinkling lights at the APA

Puppies with festive sweaters and twinkling lights await you at the APA Adoption Center where staff and volunteers want you visit. “Whether you are taking a break from holiday preparations or looking for a fun, free way to entertain the youngsters while they are out of school visiting us for a “Holiday Paws” of kitten cuddling or puppy play is a great idea,” says APA Executive Director Steve Kaufman. Year-a-round the APA Adoption Center offers free or low cost organized activities for children and adults. Scheduling a class, event, or even a party at the APA is way to make memories while learning about animals. APA sessions for youngsters often include crafts. There is an easy recipe to make a pet keepsake or holiday ornament the APA Adoption Center is sharing for you to try in your home.

Come Enjoy a “Holiday Paws“ at the APA Adoption Center

(Saint Louis, MO. December 10, 2015) The Animal Protective Association of Missouri or APA Adoption Center is inviting individuals, families and community groups to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday with a stress relieving “Holiday Paws” of puppy play and kitten cuddling. Medical research and doctors agree pets can be an instant stress reliever. Not only can pets reduce anxiety, companion animals can improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and regulating the heart rate during stressful situations. The APA is centrally located in the midst of some of the Saint Louis region’s busiest shopping complexes.