Red Brick ‘white boxing’ 7376 Manchester Ave

Demolition work is going on at 7376 Manchester Road — the unoccupied corner at Manchester Road and Sutton Boulevard (previously a piano bar). Property owner, Red Brick, is doing the work, not a new tenant. A Maplewood city employee said the building permit is for “INTERIOR WHITE BOX,” and no tenant name is mentioned anywhere on the plans. The scope of work includes interior demolition and new bathrooms.

The employee said it appears the landlord is just trying to clean up the space to make it easier to find a tenant.  

Also, the small space at 7312 Manchester Road that Sole Survivor moved out of to take the larger space at 7401 Manchester Road has a new tenant.

2nd shooting threat at BHS; superintendent communicates with parents

A Brentwood resident shared with 40 South News a letter she said Brentwood Schools Superintendent Brian Lane sent to parents following what was reported to be the second shooting threat in a week at Brentwood High School. The second was a copycat, the superintendent said. Superintendent Lane’s letter:
Dear Parents and Families,

In situations involving school threats there are often copycat offenders that are seeking similar attention. Unfortunately we had a copycat situation at Brentwood High School today in which we had a message referencing a school shooting on a restroom stall. The handwriting and message bore no similarities to the original message which leads us to believe that this is a copycat offender.

Brentwood resident questions aldermen about city’s recycling program

Brentwood resident, Robin Duntze, asked some city aldermen specific questions by email about the city’s recycling program. After receiving no responses, Duntze allowed the questions to be posted here. Duntze said that although there was some explanation given on Facebook, NextDoor, and in comments regarding a 40 South News article, it’s important to note that not all residents may have access to, or awareness of, these platforms.

Duntze’s so-far unanswered questions to Brentwood aldermen Andy Leahy, Steve Lochmoeller, and David Dimmitt:

I was wondering if the city of Brentwood is planning to update residents about the recycling situation either via a link on the city website or preferably via a newsletter sent to all residents? Could the City provide more detail concerning the almost 4 month gap in recycling services? Why did Republic Services not approve a temporary agreement with the city sooner?

A word of explanation about 40 South News

If you’re a 40 South News reader, you may have noticed that 1) 40 South doesn’t have as much content as it has in the past, and 2) if you’re signed up to receive the 40 South email newsletter it’s not going out as often. I feel compelled to explain that the reason for both is that I (editor, Doug Miner) now have additional obligations, meaning less time to cover meetings and follow up on stories, leading to the newsletter not going out as often. While I have wavered on whether or not to continue to publish 40 South for now it it’s a go. Given time, there’s always another new business, city hall intrigue, or local election result we all can’t wait to find out more about. As always, news tips or other contributions are always welcome.

Maplewood mayor addresses facts of city’s nuisance ordinance prior to election

As residents will be voting on Tuesday, April 2, Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg points out how the city’s nuisance ordinance has been used for the good of the city in the past, and that it has recently been updated. He sent a statement to share on 40 South News. Greenberg’s letter:
It is nearing an election and there are topics being discussed that are of concern to Maplewood citizens. One of those topics is the city’s nuisance ordinance. I am attaching a link to the nuisance ordinance [Revised Nuisance Ordinance] with the original language, plus the deletions and additions which were negotiated with, and approved by the ACLU so that you know exactly what the ordinance states.

‘Better Together’ representative to speak at Richmond Heights council meeting

A representative from ‘Better Together,’ the group promoting merging St. Louis city and county will speak at the April 1 Richmond Heights City Council meeting, Mayor Jim Thomson said Monday in the council meeting. He said he didn’t know if the representative will take questions but assigned each city council member the task of coming to the meeting prepared with one question and possibly a follow-up. “I’m hoping they will come professionally, and so will we,” Thomson said. The April 1 meeting will begin at 7 p.m. instead of the regular 7:30 p.m. start time.

Residents say tap water tastes different lately, KSDK reports why

Some Maplewood residents have said their tap water tastes different lately. One said it tastes “extra-processed” and another described it as tasting dirty. It looks like they are both right. KSDK looked into it and reported that flooding, like we’ve had recently, can cause pieces of dirt and sometimes chemicals from upriver run-off to be suspended in the tap water. Missouri American Water adds “powder activated carbon to remove any odor or taste.

Nelson Mitten completes 21 years of service on MRH School Board

After serving more than two decades on the Maplewood Richmond Heights School Board, Nelson Mitten on Monday attended his last meeting on the board as a member. MRH reported about it on Facebook. Nelson Mitten Signs Off After 21 Years on MRH School Board

For more than two decades, one of the seven chairs at Maplewood Richmond Heights School Board meetings has been occupied by the white-bearded attorney and public education advocate Nelson Mitten. That era has ended. Tuesday night, Mitten participated in his last board meeting, with his final official open-session action being to call the board into executive session.

Statement for MRH board candidate, Dale Chambers

Candidate for Maplewood Richmond Heights Board of Education, Dale Chambers, shares his thoughts about running for the school board. Hello! I’m Kenneth (Dale) Chambers, and I’m honored to be running for a position as a Director for the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School Board. My family (son Calvin, wife Jackie, and I) chose MRH schools twelve years ago, during a time of major change and growth for the district. In those years—from preschool to high school–we’ve experienced every campus in the district.

Brentwood Bound tax could work against the city, resident says

Brentwood’s Proposition B, a half-cent sales tax increase voters will decide on April 2, is a plan to help fund Brentwood Bound, a $79 million project that focus on revitalizing parts of Brentwood. If the tax passes it would push the city’s rate — combining state, county and city sales taxes — close to 10 percent. The current rate is 9.113, according to one website, and others. Areas of the city currently paying for a TIF can be higher (for instance the sales tax at REI is now at 10.238 percent). The plan would include Deer Creek flood mitigation and improvements to Manchester Road in the area between Hanley Road and Brentwood Boulevard.

Maplewood resident notices ‘enormous’ jump in newly appraised property values

A Maplewood resident said in an email to 40 South that he’s noticed that his property values have gone up an ‘enormous’ amount for 2019. He says, for example, that his appraised home value went from $325,000 (2018) to $478,400, an increase of 47 percent. Also, his empty lot he owns went up from $62,300 (last year) to $90,000, an increase of 44.4 percent. And also, the appraised value of a home on Marietta Avenue that the editor here has an interest in went up 19 percent. The St.

A Century of Art in Brentwood

The celebration of Brentwood’s Centennial year is turning to the world of art in March. As part of the year long celebration of Brentwood’s 100th year, the Brentwood Century Foundation is presenting a “Brentwood Sons and Daughters Centennial Art Exhibit” on Saturday, March 30 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Drury Hotel in Brentwood. Drury Hotels is sponsoring the event and there is no admission charge. Toni Bowman, coordinator for the event along with Lois Eggers, said: “We had a similar exhibition last year and it was very well attended. We’re looking forward to an even bigger crowd at our Centennial event.”

Lois added: “We have a real variety of art forms being exhibited and our artists are from several generations.” Art mediums to be displayed include stained glass, quilting, wood sculpting, acrylics, watercolors, photography, and other mixed media.

Courtyard by Marriott to open in May: Richmond Heights Council meeting

Richmond Heights City Council met Monday night and live-reported the meeting on Twitter.

MRH elementary students compete in FIRST LEGO League expo

Maplewood Richmond Heights third grade girls competed over the weekend at the Chaifetz Arena in the FIRST LEGO League Jr expo, Jennifer Phillips has reported. The team met each week since the fall researching life on the moon, designing a space habitat, and programming a robotic rover. They then presented their work to an audience and panel of judges. The team, “The Galaxy Girls,” received the “Presentation Sensation” award for their work. This is the team’s second year participating in the nationwide event.

George Jacob “Jake” Nuernberger passes on

George Jacob “Jake” Nuernberger, United States Marine Corps veteran, died on Sunday, March 10, 2019. He was the son of John (Sherry Hartnett) Nuernberger and Kathleen (Stephen Waite) Taylor-Waite. From his obituary:
Jake was a great son, brother, friend and Marine. His smile and silliness were contagious and would light up a room. Jake was a guy you could count on in times of need with either a funny Mel Brooks movie quote to cheer you up, or a helping hand for any project.

In the press: Maplewood to fix 10 streets, fish fry photos, Dubliner opens, Pie Oh My on Pi Day

In the press recently from Fox 2, KSDK, KMOV, Riverfront Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Fox 2 — Making sleep a priority after daylight savings time
Fox 2 — Tim’s Travels: Pie Oh My ! bakeshop celebrates National Pi Day
KSDK — Pi Day deals in St. Louis
KMOV — News 4 steps in to help veteran who was almost homeless
KMOV — The Dubliner will re-open in Maplewood in time for St.

Brandi Herndon-Miller MRH board candidate statement

Candidate for Maplewood Richmond Heights Board of Education, Brandi Herndon-Miller, submitted a statement for publication on 40 South News. The election will be held April 2. Herndon-Miller’s statement:
Hello my Maplewood and Richmond Heights Neighbors. My name is Brandi Herndon-Miller, and I am an incumbent running for the position of Director on the Maplewood Richmond Heights School Board on April 2. As a lifelong resident of Richmond Heights, with a family rooted in the MRH School District, I have seen the transition of our district first-hand into the exceptional district it is today.

Winds down trees, wires in Maplewood

Maplewood Police reported Thursday afternoon that high winds had downed trees and power lines Thursday in Maplewood,  at Sarah at Limit and Elm at Arbor. Police reported the streets will be closed until Ameren crews can untangle the power lines from the trees. After everything has been deemed safe by them, Maplewood Public Works can begin their work.

Maplewood mayor announces endorsements in city council elections

Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg, for the first time in his 16 years serving as a city official, has endorsed candidates for the Maplewood City Council.Mayor Greenberg’s letter of endorsement:
In my 16 years in Maplewood city government I have never publicly endorsed candidates for City Council, until now. These are challenging times as Better Together threatens the existence of Maplewood as an independent city and we are making preparations to replace our City Manager, Marty Corcoran, who is retiring after 35 years of serving our city in that role. The role of the council has never been more important than now. We are also losing Tim Dunn, who has served as a council member for the last 25 years. In my tenure on the Council, I have had the opportunity to work with many committed citizens who have invested a great deal of time and effort to help make Maplewood the community it is today.