Twin Lakes Entrepreneur Extends His Footprint To Southern Missouri Real Estate Market 

Apartments in The Heights property located in West Plain will cost a monthly rent of about $550 and $650, according to a report on KTLO. In a social media post, local entrepreneur Mark Bertel says he is extending his property development projects to Southern Missouri. Bertel made his mark when he remodeled the Town and Country Motor Inn into apartments. Currently, he is developing The Heights property, which will have more than 110 studio apartments, a lounge, and a full-service restaurant. Bertel says his company, the Dels Corporation, will renovate the entire property, giving it modern designs while maintaining some of the old motel’s retro aesthetics.

Long-term Investment To Improve The St Louis Sewer System

The Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District (MSD) continues to oversee Project Clear, an ambitious program to build nine new tunnels to control wastewater overflows. The sewer system in St Louis is the fourth largest in the US, and the project, expected to be completed in 2039, also involves a comprehensive program of improvements, maintenance and repair. This will improve systems for both wastewater and stormwater. Aging sewer infrastructure is a problem both nationwide and in St Louis, and work on essential repairs and replacement pipes can be lengthy and disruptive. This project will take years to complete, but the upgrading, maintenance and repairs will result in significant and lasting improvements to the sewer system. Inspecting And Repairing Existing Pipes

As well as constructing new tunnels to control overflow from the sewer system, MSD are also committed to a comprehensive schedule of inspections, repairs and maintenance.

Ways St. Louis Businesses Are Successfully Adapting To Covid-19

Up to 40% of small businesses in major U.S. cities risk closing permanently, Small Biz Trends reports. In St. Louis, 38% of small businesses report having less than one month’s worth of cash, while roughly 11% say they have just one week’s worth of cash available. Nevertheless, a number of local businesses are successfully adapting to the changes brought on by the pandemic. Switch to digital
Online sales have now increased by 43% across the country, per Adobe Analytics.

St. Louis Zoo Set To Expand

 St. Louis Zoo is a popular day-out destination for Brentwood, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights residents, and now the zoo is planning to open a new 425-acre North Campus complete with a safari experience — the first of its kind within a major city. St. Louis County residents will be able to enter free of charge. The project’s history
In 2018, the Saint Louis Zoo Association purchased the land for the North Campus with private donations.

Missouri Records Failing Grade In Workplace Safety: What Are Employers Getting Wrong? 

In the National Safety Council’s recent report, Missouri ranked last in three areas: home and community safety, road safety, and workplace safety. The state was one of 26 states that did not earn a passing grade in workplace practices, as judged by the National Safety Council. Businesses in the state have been in the press over the years for its incidences of worker accidents and lack of safety precautions in the workplace. In 2015, Hussanman’s Corp was found guilty of safety violations by OSHA that resulted in an employee’s death and a $272,250 penalty. Another incident occurred in 2017 when Arrow Plumbing LLC was found guilty of providing inadequate safeguards and employee training.

Cousin Hugo’s Closes Doors In Maplewood After 82 Years: What Can Businesses Do To Get Back To Normal?

As of September 8th, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis Metropolitan area reduced their customer capacity by 50% of the permitted occupancy to slow the spread of COVID-19, according to
Days before these new restrictions became effective, Maplewood’s oldest and most storied bar and grill, Cousin Hugo’s, closed its doors. Months after the coronavirus shut down Maplewood, owner Tommy Bahn reopened Hugo’s for delivery and takeout only. He then reopened the dining area in July.

$2.2 Million Defective Drug Lawsuit Filed in Missouri

A lawsuit alleging serious defects in hyoscyamine, a drug used to treat stomach and intestinal problems, has resulted in a judgement of over $2.2 million in St. Louis County Circuit Court, St. Louis Business Journal reports. Hyoscyamine is produced and distributed by Virtus, a niche pharmaceuticals company based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It’s important that Brentwood, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights residents taking any medication stay up to date with the latest safety issues, lawsuits, and recalls in order to protect their health, such as this lawsuit.

Keeping Up With St. Louis House Maintenance Laws

The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of a suburban St. Louis man whose number of political yard signs conflicted with the amount the municipal government allows. The limit is one sign, but Lawrence Willson had three. The ACLU filed a First Amendment lawsuit in January 2018 on behalf of Willson, who had been threatened with jail time and fines for the number of political signs in his yard. Breaking the law for the number of political signs on your lawn is easily done if you’re unaware of the rules, and it’s just one example of the laws around the outside of your property.

Utilizing the Garage Adds More Versatility To Your Maplewood Home

There are over one million households in the greater St. Louis area, making it one of the most populated areas in the Midwest. And with each household owning roughly two cars each, the garage is one of the more important rooms in the home. For most people, this room can turn into a cluttered mess, full of all the odds and ends that have no place inside the actual home itself. Many people fail to realize the potential that a garage can add to the value of the home, and it’s versatility.

Can Tighter Gun Control Reduce Crime in St. Louis?

With the number of mass shootings and gun-related homicides in the U.S. continuing to climb, gun ownership is being debated more than ever before. The shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27, which left 11 people dead, is the latest episode that’s added fuel to the debate over the validity of the Second Amendment. In St. Louis, homicides may be down from last year, but a number of gun-related incidents have raised a significant amount of concern among local residents and law-enforcers alike. Is there a real reason for worry?

With Venture Capital, Mergers and StartUps, St Louis is Open for Business

 St Louis has been named one of the 30 Hottest Cities for New Businesses, and three companies in St Louis and two in Kansas City are currently ranked among the fastest-growing inner city businesses. In June, the former governor, Eric Greitens, signed a bill to reduce the Missouri corporate income tax rate by 2.25 percent, down to just 4 percent, effective January 1, 2020. Add to that a flurry of local commercial enterprises opening, expanding and celebrating many years of trading, and it appears that the state of Missouri, and, in particular, St Louis, is a great place to base your company. Of course, setting up a business is never all plain sailing and being prepared for legal and personnel issues is vital. Investment in Business
Setting up a new company costs money but St Louis isn’t short of investment offers.

The Rise Of Credit Card Debt In St Louis

The state of Missouri continues to battle debt with an average household credit card balance of $6,491. A closer look at cities in the state revealed that credit card debt along with auto debt has been steadily on the increase in St Louis and other local markets. For the first quarter of 2018, household credit card debt rose by 2.7 percent, based on released Equifax Consumer Credit Panel figures. Credit card debt remains the most expensive kind of debt there is, with interest rates hitting 16.71 percent in May. However, there are ways you can be free of it and you do not have to do it alone. Let’s take a look at resources available to St Louis residents to help them get their consumer debt under control.

Missourians Are Riddled with Debt: One Unconventional Way to Get Out of It

41.2% of all households in America carry some sort of credit card debt, with the average credit card debt in Missouri being $6,491 per household. That’s not including the mortgage, student loan and other types of debts that families seem to so easily accrue in today’s difficult market. Despite booming real estate markets and even lowered debt rates in St. Louis and throughout the entire state, there are still situations in which debt can’t be avoided. When it gets too large to manage, there might seem like no way out, but there are actually many ways to get through it and bounce back with an even better credit score than before.

Tackling County Waste Problems Through Sustainable Measures

Saint Louis county and the cities it encompasses is going through a tough time with trash. Despite residents’ concerns that almost 59 city garbage trucks are out of service, representing 75 percent of the total fleet, tax hikes have been maintained. The council has confirmed plans to raise waste management taxes by 1c on the dollar, bringing the yearly spend up to $100. It’s clear the county authority needs more resources, but solving a problem isn’t always a case of throwing money at it. Across the towns of the county, there are innovators and entrepreneurs showing there’s a better way to manage waste.

Make St. Louis Safe for All Road Users

There were 201 fatalities in St. Louis in the period 2014-2016 accounting for 7.78% of the total number of deaths on Missouri’s roads. Serious injuries reached 1,607 in the same period or 11.5% of the state’s overall figure of 13,973. Last Monday’s accident on Manchester Road and S. Big Bend Avenue that claimed the life of a pedestrian showed that there is an urgent need to make the county as safe as possible for motorists and non-motorists. St.

St. Louis Grapples With Rising Divorce Rates

Amidst shifting patterns in the city’s demographics, St. Louis, along with the rest of Missouri, bears witness to a marked increase in divorce rates over the past decade.  In Missouri, divorce rates have spiked recently after a relative decline from 1990 to 2015, a pattern which is consistent with the United States’ rise in divorce rates nationally. The rise in dissolving marriages leave the city of St. Louis to grapple with the implications of divorce for communities, educational institutions, and families. Cost breakdown of divorce in Missouri
As in the rest of the country, a contested divorce is the most expensive form of divorce in St.