Who Were the Indigenous Peoples of the 40 South News Area?

If you are like me, you love reading articles from Doug Houser and imagining who might have lived in your house or on your block 100 years ago.  Have you ever wondered who lived there hundreds or thousands of years ago? I have been trying to answer that question, and I wanted to share what I have found so far.  First, though, let me wish you a happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Hurry for free trees for Maplewood residents: Sept. 30 deadline

Submit your request to the City of Maplewood by September 30 to receive your free trees planted between the sidewalk and the street this autumn. That is correct, the Maplewood Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Conservation, will come to your house, determine which native tree will fit in your space without interfering with power lines, and not only give you a native tree for free but plant it for you. Just complete the request form at http://mo-maplewood.civicplus.com/128/Tree-Planting-Program now. This perk for Maplewood residents is an easy opportunity for you to help improve the community on several levels. For you, trees will beautify your yard, reduce your summer cooling expenses, and increase your property value.