Taste of Maplewood Street Festival-Community Stage Performers Sought

The Mid County Chamber of Commerce is extending an invitation to local performers to apply for a spot in the 10th annual Taste of Maplewood Street Festival community stage line up on Saturday, May 19. One applicant will be selected and earn the opportunity to perform on the community stage, along with the other volunteer entertainment. No compensation is offered to performers on the community stage. The performer selected will have access to a covered bandwagon stage, sound, and sound technician. Performances may include music, storytelling, dance, magic, or any other special talent or skills.

Public Works Department Efforts, Like Clockwork

Next month, the Mid County Chamber of Commerce will recognize the hard work and tremendous efforts of the Public Works Department in Maplewood and Richmond Heights. They are the community’s “angels in orange”. The Public Works/Parks Department keeps our streets, sidewalks, and parks landscaped, plowed, salted, mowed, clean, and watered. In the blazing heat and bitter cold, their work continues- hanging holiday lights on busy streets, planting trees in residents yards, and putting out logistical fires throughout our communities. If we compare our city operations to a clock, the Public Works Department serves as the inside gears, wheels, and springs, the stuff that makes the clock tick.

Farewell to Mayor Jim White

I don’t know how many times that I have heard some version of, “Why would anyone want to serve on City Council?” in recent months. I think most of us would agree that serving in local government is a relatively thankless job. The two vacant council seats that went unopposed seem to speak volumes. Collectively, the Council dedicates hours and hours of time on issues that affect the lives of citizens and businesses, listening and researching every possible angle before making decisions. Ninety-nine times out of 100, their efforts go unnoticed.

Chamber Member in the Spotlight- Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments

Mid County Chamber of Commerce features a different business each month. This month it’s Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments (DGCkids). 


Executive Director:
Jan Huneke

How would you describe the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments? Founded in 1951 by Delta Gamma Fraternity alumnae of Washington University, DGCkids employs a staff of 28 full and part-time employees including teachers of the visually impaired; speech, occupational and physical therapists; vision screeners, social workers; outreach, support and administrative staff. Our mission is to help children who are blind or visually impaired reach their full potential through family-centered, specialized services and community support. While we don’t often think about it, sight is the sense that gives us the most access to the world.  Parents come to us at a complete loss as to how to help their child grow and learn without vision.  We answer the tough questions – Will my child be able to read?  How will they make friends?

Chamber Member in the Spotlight – Top Notch Violins

Mid County Chamber of Commerce features a different business each month. This month it’s Top Notch Violins. 

Business Name:
Top Notch Violins

Stephen Nowels – Sales
Chris Clark – Logistics and Accounting
Sanford Field – Master Luthier (Instrument technician) and Shop Foreman
Ted Moniak – Master Luthier

How would you describe Top Notch Violins? We specialize in Sales, Rentals, Repairs and Restoration of violins, violas, cellos and basses. What is the most exciting thing to happen to Top Notch Violins? 
Our promotion to preferred vendor status and endorsement from every school district in the St. Louis metropolitan area and beyond.

Chamber Member in the Spotlight – Big Shark Bicycle Company

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce features a different business each month. This month it’s Big Shark Bicycle Company. 

Business Name:
Big Shark Bicycle Company

Mike Weiss

How would you describe Big Shark Bicycle Company? We are a full service cycling store that caters to almost every niche surrounding bicycles: recreation, training, competition, family bikes, triathlon, mountain biking, commuting. We are super active in the St. Louis athletic community and have a belief that we have to give to get.

Maplewood Chamber welcomes new businesses

The Maplewood Chamber of Commerce welcomed four new businesses to Maplewood and Richmond Heights in October and November. Our Urgent Care is a quick and affordable alternative to the hospital, seven days a week. Visit their website or call them at 314.492.5142 to schedule and appointment. 

The SSM Health St. Mary’s WISH Center provides comprehensive, high-risk maternity care for women who are dependent on opioid drugs. SSM Health – St.

Chamber member in the spotlight – Scheidt True Value Hardware

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce features a different business each month. This month it’s Scheidt True Value Hardware. 

Business Name:
Scheidt True Value Hardware

Co- Owners:
George McCandliss and Benjamin Reynolds (both residents of Maplewood)

What is the most exciting thing to happen to Scheidt Hardware? 
We have many new keys and we can cut the new side-cut keys! We are working to fill the store with modern and older items. We just got in more canning tools. Do you have a “favorite” Maplewood or Richmond Heights business? You may notice a theme; Bolyard’s, Foundation Grounds, Great Harvest, and Larder & Cupboard.

Chamber Member in the Spotlight – Gabbit LLC

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce features a different business each month. This month it’s Gabbit LLC. 

Business Name:
Gabbit LLC

Co- Founder:
Corey Jones

How would you describe Gabbit LLC? Gabbit provides business class phone service to small businesses and non-profit organizations in multiple cities around the US.  We pride ourselves on saving our clients money (40% to 60% versus the phone and cable companies) while providing more than 110 FREE features on our network. Our goal is to build a customized solution for each client that allows them to serve their clients in the manner they desire. Plus, no calls to far off call-centers; we provide local service by Gabbit employees in every city we operate.