Bad check scheme in Brentwood; overdose in Maplewood

Curtis Hill, 72, of St. Louis, cashed a check for $2,884 on Oct. 13 at the US Bank branch inside Schnucks in Brentwood; he was charged with forgery.

According to court and police records, Hill told Brentwood police he was approached in St. Louis by a man who identified himself only has Jacque. Jacque asked him if he wanted to make some money and if he had an ID with him. When Hill said yes to both Jacque took him to an SUV with a female driver. The woman drove Hill and Jacque to various locations, and at a gas station Jacque went in and came out with three checks wrapped in a paper tower. Hill said one of the checks was the check he cashed at the US Bank in Brentwood. Jacque gave Hill $200 of the proceeds from the check and kept the rest.

Willie Washington, 38, of St. Louis, (aliases: Poo Booy, Willie Johnson, Willie Tate) on Sept. 14, and a male companion, picked up several items of boys’ clothing (valued at $634) at Carter’s clothing store, in Brentwood, and ran out without paying. They drove off in a Chevrolet Avalanche. Washington was was implicated by another man interviewed by Brentwood police; he was arrested several days later. Washington identified himself in the surveillance video of the theft but said he did not recall being at the Carter’s store.

In Maplewood:

According to court and police records, Maplewood Police responded to a call for an overdose on March 28 and found Christopher Green, 30, of Florissant, in the 2800 block of Marshall Avenue to be unresponsive. Near him police found six clear capsules, one filled with a tan colored powder believed to be heroin. Green told paramedics that he shot up heroin; lab results confirmed it. He was charged last week with possession of a controlled substance.

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  1. So who was dealing to him, here in Maplewood? He would not come all the way down to Maplewood from Florissant to do drugs.