Big Bend turn lane, sidewalk to open Friday

A supervisor with St. Louis County has reported that the right turn lane from northbound Big Bend Boulevard to eastbound Manchester Road will open to traffic by the end of the day on Friday, December 7th.  Also the sidewalk on the southeast corner (CVS) will be opened so that all four corners of the intersection can be used.

He continues: “The plan from there is to hold off on any work in the intersection until after the new year.  Sometime early next year, Spire will begin their gas main relocation in the southwest corner, immediately followed by our contractor completing their work at that location to wrap up the project.  At the time in which Spire begins their work, the sidewalk on the southwest corner of the intersection will be closed and a pedestrian detour will be put in place.  We will give you advance notice and a revised pedestrian detour plan when I know when that work will begin.”

Gregory K. Poppitz, P.E.Supervisor, Project Managers

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5 thoughts on “Big Bend turn lane, sidewalk to open Friday

  1. The cone in the turn lane is covering three pipes still sticking out of the concrete. I can’t help but wonder how much will be torn up when those are addressed. The intersection is now one lane wider for pedestrian crossing.

    • When you only see workers one day a week it can take 8 months. Yes, unbelievable. McBride can build a whole subdivision over in Affton in that time.