Big Boy chugs through Maplewood

Monday morning Maplewood residents gathered by the tracks in the Greenwood neighborhood to see the steam locomotive the Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 heading west. Maplewood resident Charles Hardy took these photos.

3 thoughts on “Big Boy chugs through Maplewood

  1. Lots of folks related to the railroads moved to/lived in Maplewood and surrounding area. My parents transferred here from Kansas City in the very early 50’s so my dad could work in the Missouri Pacific central test lab on Chouteau, East of Grand. (Great bus service here then too!) These tracks were “owned” by MOPAC (now Union Pacific merged) and our house was/is a scant block away from the these tracks. My brother started with them, was educated in the computer side of things the lured to Texas to work for Burlington Northern. My mother used to say that she felt closer to my brother then when she would hear the train switching at night from the Frisco rail yard under Arsenal and just off of at the end of McCausland on Wabash (now lots of trucks). Clear to hear from the house that time of day.
    Exciting to see 4014 go through here. The viewing points were packed!
    Great photo.

  2. Such a treat to see (and feel the weight) of this locomotive. These, and its smaller relatives, are what helped build America.

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