Boland Place update: preliminary plans at city hall

The draft (not final) construction plans for Boland Place apartments, at Dale and Boland, are at the Richmond Heights City Hall. They expect the final plans in a couple weeks, according to a city employee.

The building is set to have 187 apartments and 358 parking spaces. No construction permits have been issued yet — only for demolition.

See also: Richmond Heights Council gives Boland Place 6-month extension, Boland Place apartments approved

The garage entrance, show here, faces south, toward Dale Avenue.

The parking garage, in the interior of the building

An exterior detail

7 thoughts on “Boland Place update: preliminary plans at city hall

  1. Thank God this quality of development is finally happening on this space. We cannot wait until it if done and the donated park space on the North end is available to access the park area. There are many people not living in Richmond Heights at this time who will love living in this location, in our fine city. We certainly have for over 30 years.

  2. So far this looks like just another of the currently style of ugly almost project looking housing going up all over. The EVO apartments in Richmond heights in brentwood forest and seen from highway 40 look like a patchwork Frankenstein building with an unfinished mishmash of outer walls and unusably small balconies. The similar apartment blocks at Hanley and Sunnen look like they’re made of cardboard boxes. By comparison Hanley station are marvels of architectural detail. Look at the luxury micro-balconied apartment buildings that now block the view of the Clayton skyline when exiting 170 to head east on ladue Rd. Who is reviewing how these behemoths contribute architecturally to the culture of the area?

  3. Just what the area needs. More apartments. Smh. Doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood at all.

  4. It looks like RH has some hidden desire to compete with Clayton for new high-rise construction. The scale of this project is not at all compatible with the neighboring homes along Dale and the other side streets. Cn you imagine the 358 resident pouring out onto Dale every morning and clogging up the Hanley/40 intersection?

    • “The scale of this project is not at all compatible with the neighboring homes along Dale and the other side streets.”

      That’s probably because within the decade RH will plan on tearing down a good portion of the houses along Dale, widen Dale to 4 lanes, and then turn that whole strip into more businesses and apartments.

  5. Oof, that south facing garage entrance and general street facing are terrible. I would have thought RH saw this as a way to improve Dale as a ‘walkable’ downtown area, but that Dale side is awful.

    • Wow. Yep, never realized that they put the Garage entrance *on* Dale. I thought the logical (ie less busy, less unsightly) place to put it was on Boland.

      Way to go, Richmond Heights!