Bolyard’s to move into bigger space, Living Room to expand

Chris Bolyard, owner of Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions (2810 Sutton Boulevard) said Wednesday that his shop will be moving into the larger, former Dubliner restaurant space, across the street at 2733 Sutton.

The Dubliner was a victim of the Covid 19 shutdown, closing its doors in April.  Bolyard has started the demolition phase of the buildout.

Also, Nate Larson, owner of Living Room Coffee & Kitchen, next to Bolyard’s current spot, said he plans to take advantage of Bolyard’s move, beginning renovations to expand the café into the larger space as soon as it’s empty.

Bolyard’s has begun renovations on the former Dubliner.

7 thoughts on “Bolyard’s to move into bigger space, Living Room to expand

    • Back in the early 70’s, when I told people I lived in Maplewood, about half the time they would say something like this, “Oh Yes, Goldies. That’s where I (or my wife) shop for fabrics

  1. Congratulations Chris! (and Nate)! This is most welcome news! And I’m glad to hear both of you businesses are doing well enough to expand. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in your new locations (on a regular basis…with all my friends….and business acquaintances)

  2. When I was a kid, the building that will be The Living Room is expanding into was a Bettendorfs grocery store. Later, One of the old junky start-ups for Pier 1 was there until finally an outlet fabric store was also in that same building…all over my growing up years in Maplewood since the early 1950s.

  3. Geez I’m old. I remember that building as a grocery store when I was growing up, then a Mizerany’s.

  4. Interesting. Seems appropriate since that building originally housed a Kroger store in the 1930s