Bookshop owner says she can last maybe a month

Owner of The Book House in Maplewood, Michelle Barron, said on Facebook yesterday that she’s applied for several loans and has heard nothing, also that her landlord said he needs to be paid soon.

Barron’s post:

Well I haven’t gotten any stimulus check. I’ve also applied for the CARES Payroll Protection Fund for “small” businesses. The Gateway Relief Fund, SBA loan, Binc bookseller fund, unemployment.. and all I hear are crickets ….. except for landlord who says I’m eligible for “lots of money” and that he needs to be paid soon. He told me to file a claim with my insurance to get money to pay him! Now the news is saying the small business stimulas fund is Out of Money! They gave it all to people with existing SBA loans and 100+ employees. I cant pay rent on my bookstore or my staff (who are absolutely awesome and still helping out a little anyway!). The store is shuttered and all we are selling are labor-intensive ship-outs of used paperbacks. Which keep me very busy (still working 7 days a week ) to make 10% of what I should be making. Barely enough for groceries. Now my rent and phone bill are due and I have negative $500 in the bank. Where is that Stimulus money? I maybe have another month left –tops. Then what?

3 thoughts on “Bookshop owner says she can last maybe a month

  1. Good luck “kicking you out“ during these unprecedented times. Landlords who do so expose themselves to possible claims of wrongful distraint, conversion, wrongful eviction, abuse of process, intentional interference with tenant’s business, and malicious prosecution — to name a few. Courts aren’t hearing anything other than major crime cases at this point so the landlord would be tied up for months pushing the issue.
    Just some thoughts….

    • Thank you for being a “voice of reason” in this crazy time. I hope the right people catch on to this sort of wisdom.

  2. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to waive a couple months of rent than try to find a new tenant?