Brentwood alderman responds to resident’s questions about city recycling process

Brentwood resident, Robin Duntze, asked Brentwood aldermen Andy Leahy, Steve Lochmoeller, and David Dimmitt questions by email about the city’s recycling program and a 4-month period in which the city’s recycling process was in limbo. Leahy responded to Duntze’s letter on Tuesday.

These were Duntze’s questions. Leahy’s answer follows.

  • I was wondering if the city of Brentwood is planning to update residents about the recycling situation either via a link on the city website or preferably via a newsletter sent to all residents?
  • Could the City provide more detail concerning the almost 4 month gap in recycling services?
  • Why did Republic Services not approve a temporary agreement with the city sooner?
  • How long is the temporary agreement in effect, and when does the City anticipate a permanent recycling contract?
  • Will the City post a copy of the temporary agreement with Republic Services on its website or in a newsletter?
  • Dimmitt’s clarification states that city staff reported on August 15th, 2018 at the Brentwood Public Works Committee meeting that Resource Management would no longer accept single stream recycling effective Oct. 31, 2018. When did the City first receive notice from Resource management about the termination of services?
  • Dimmitt also explains that at the Oct. 10th 2018 Public Works Committee meeting that Republic Services submitted a contract to the City to take over the single stream recycling. Can the City post a copy of this initial contract, and explain the sticking points that resulted in the adoption of a temporary contract being delayed until Feb. 19th? Once again, how long is the temporary contract in effect?

Brentwood Alderman Andy Leahy responded to Duntze by email on Tuesday, copying 40 South News.


Good evening I have finally reached a catch-up point and am just now seeing your email.  I was in special programs Friday and Saturday,  Monday night at a Board of Aldermen Meeting and then worked all day Tuesday at the Ward 3 polling place.

I sorry if this delay has caused you any additional frustration.

If you look at this email there is no email trail of an earlier email.  I do not see any earlier email either on my system.

I am sorry you feel we missed in communicating.

Let’s catch-up on your issue.

First everyone running a recycling program in the county and city has a problem with doing the system as usual because the recycling processer for this area has stopped operations.  The City of Brentwood has signed a contract that allows us to continue a recycling stream but the material is taken to the waste dump who processes the material for recycling, but at rates much higher than anyone has budgeted for.  Until a formal single stream processing plant can come online this process will continue.

We have looked into a few other recycling efforts but have not found anyone viable yet.

You asked about the 4 months lag in changing the recycling process.  This delay was due to getting a formal contract written and wording/terminology that both the processor and the City could agree on and legal council for both parties to review and approve before the formal agreement could be signed.  It is unfortunate that we lost four months but that is the reality.

This information was shared publicly at the Board of Aldermen meeting when this issue received public awareness earlier this year.  I am sorry you might have missed this.

If you wish to see a copy of this agreement you may request a copy by asking the city administrator.  I have copied her on this email.

Both Steve & I have hosted a Ward 3 meeting on the last Tuesday of the month at the Rec Center at 7 pm where this type of request for information is normally brought forward for discussion.  On the second Wednesday of each month the Public Works Committee meets at 4:30 pm at City Hall where again this issue can be discussed.  Both of these opportunities are available for any resident to both request and receive current information about what is happening here in Brentwood.

Finally both Steve and I worked the Rec Center polling place all day long to again be available for the residents of Ward 3 to come and speak with us about issues of concern to them and be available to serve.  I am sorry for these missed opportunities to address your concerns directly.

Thank you
Andrew Leahy
Alderman Ward 3
City 0f Brentwood   or

2 thoughts on “Brentwood alderman responds to resident’s questions about city recycling process

  1. After reading that, I’m not sure I know any more than I did going in.
    I might even know less.
    Except that Andy was at the polls all day.

    • Rick, I agree that Mr. Leahy’s answer was entirely unsatisfactory and devoid of specifics.