Brentwood considered 6 others to be laid off in November

Before laying off four administrative staff members in a reorganization on Nov. 9, the city of Brentwood considered laying off six others as well.

A chart made by the city on Nov. 8 included 10 city employees whose positions were examined and were considered for release. The four on the left side of the chart were released. The six on the right side of the chart were retained and are still employed by the city.

Four employees: Sue Krewson, Barb Cross, Carol (CJ) McClure and Jason Oestreicher were laid off.

The chart was included on the releasing contracts of the four laid off, and was obtained through a Sunshine Law request. The four that were released received severance pay and compensation for accrued vacation time and sick leave.


7 thoughts on “Brentwood considered 6 others to be laid off in November

  1. Maureen, be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. Your ranting does nothing for the city of Brentwood. Run for Mayor next time. Otherwise, you’re just a snow flake in a blizzard. It seems to me that the only way that we can find out if the Mayor is hurting people, is if he hires people to fill the positions (at a reduced cost to the city) that were vacated. Calm down, Maureen.

    • oops….BITE ME J. you still have your job; am i right? So if something doesn’t happen personally to you, this is NOT your family wreck–it just doesn’t matter. i know you did NOT grow up in Brentwood, you unaffected oooops…POS. btw, if i am a problem to YOU, then i must be making good progress…

      • Filing for the aldermanic positions begins tomorrow, Dec 12th at 8 am. See the Brentwood City website for more information.

  2. Under the Sunshine laws, I think the administration including thorn should post the full amount of compensation package, including salary, benefits, use of public vehicles and any other means of accruing ANY form of asset, gift, trade for services, repetitive (FAILURE OF THE LONG ARM TRANSACTION LAW) contracts, taxes, et al LET’S SEE WHAT THORN’S URGENCY IS. since he is taking away very limited employment packages from us hoodies… I AM SO FURIOUS WITH WHAT DISGRACE BRENTWOOD IS BEING MANAGED–ty thorn (and unidentified crony–as I like Bola). This is not democratic, transparent governance. IT IS AUTOCRACY—- how evil on such a long standing neighborhood community. I KNEW THORN FROM THE VERY BEGINNING—AND HE HAS ONLY GROWN FATTER IN HIS PERSONAL GAINS. But everyone else is on the chopping block. CHRIS–ARE YOU REALLY THIS UNDERHANDED?