Brentwood firehouse not ADA: comments from Facebook

The Brentwood firehouse, opened in 2011, doesn’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Brentwood city officials discovered this past week in a meeting as they discussed buying property next to the firehouse. The lot could be used to build an elevator shaft, to make the building ADA compliant.

Lots of comments on 40 South News Facebook, from: not many firefighters in wheelchairs; to, the city should just pay the fine; to, wondering who the architect was.

These are some of the comments, without names:

  • As I remember not a lot of fireman in wheelchairs so why would you need an elevator. Sometimes we just need to use common sense. Look at it this way we saved the city money!
  • Should worry more about the crime that goes around Target at Brentwood Square people getting car-jacked in the parking lot all the theft that happens around there put up CCTV instead of worrying about a damn elevator catch these criminals and put them
  • Do we have disabled firefighters The would require ADA access?
  • Are the fire trucks ADA compliant?
  • Wonder what the city would say if a homeowner built something the way they wanted to just to save money and then tell the city they want to challenge the city over the law?? Hmmm?? Not sure we would be able to get away with that. We’d probably have to tear it all down at our own expense. Wow. Not sure that is the best way to run a city. Sure hope something can be worked out for our citizens sake;(.
  • Can I ask who designed this one or who ok’ed this whole project? Seems like someone dropped the ball once again. Is anyone looking into how this happened? Or are we just throwing more of our money around again?
  • Would it not be cheaper to move the offices upstairs and the public meeting room to street level?
  • I’m still curious who was architect and in charge of this multi-million dollar project. How can this completely fall thru the cracks?
  •  …must comply to 2010 standards if an alteration (do not remember when it was done)?
  • …it didn’t fall thru the cracks, it was decided NOT to put an elevator in to save the city money. Lawyers challenge every law out there without reason. Here is a situation that is just ridiculous and needs to be challenged!
  • This is really absolutely unbelievable.
  • Crap has been going on like this for years!!!!!
  • Oops!!

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