Brentwood High School wrestlers win — both teams

Brentwood wrestlers were victorious on Tuesday at home. Both boys and girls teams won in dual meets.

Girls meet: Brentwood 36 — Normandy 18, more details here

103: Skylar Schoenberg (BRENTWOD) (forfeit)
110: Zoe Arrindell (BRENTWOD)  (forfeit)
116: Murphy Jones (BRENTWOD) over (NORMANDY) (forfeit)
121: Double Forfeit
126: Shamya Walker (NORMANDY) over Lexi Shackelford (BRENTWOD) (Fall 2:29)
131: Penelope Herrera (BRENTWOD) (forfeit)
136: Double Forfeit
143: Anne Wagner (BRENTWOD) over Celicity Wright (NORMANDY) (Fall 3:05)
152: Christa`nae Wright (NORMANDY) over Isabella `Bella` Lancaster (BRENTWOD) (Fall 1:08)
167: Double Forfeit
187: Shekinah Reed (BRENTWOD) over genesis gregory (NORMANDY) (Fall 1:03)
235: Takeira Steen (NORMANDY) over Samantha Morton (BRENTWOD) (Fall 2:00)

Brentwood vs. St. Francis Borgia @ Brentwood/Borgia/Normandy on 12/04/2018.

Boys meet: Brentwood 66 — St. Francis Borgia 18, more details here

106: Corvon Johnson (BRENTWOD) (forfeit)
113: Joseph Lause (STFRABOR) over Owen Brotherton (BRENTWOD) (Fall 2:52)
120: Ian Lawrence (BRENTWOD) (forfeit)
126: Connor Lawrence (BRENTWOD)  (forfeit)
132: Aleksander Muradov (BRENTWOD) (forfeit)
138: Xavier Lane (BRENTWOD) over Grant Straatmann (STFRABOR) (Fall 3:33)
145: Josiyah Reed (BRENTWOD) over Garrett Posinski (STFRABOR) (Fall 5:01)
152: Cody Hughes (BRENTWOD) over Nathan Boone (STFRABOR) (Fall 1:52)
160: Nathan Butler (BRENTWOD) (forfeit)
170: Thomas Suntrup (BRENTWOD) over Brynner  Frankenberg  (STFRABOR) (Fall 2:29)
182: Braedyn  Frankenberg (STFRABOR) over Robert `Trey` Watson (BRENTWOD) (Fall 2:59)
195: Thaddeus Isgrigg  (STFRABOR) over Konrad Bradt (BRENTWOD) (Fall 5:15)
220: Tristan Jones (BRENTWOD)  (forfeit)
285: Charles Capps (BRENTWOD) (forfeit)

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