Brentwood HS makes Newsweek list of best in the nation

Brentwood High School has made this year’s Newsweek list of the nation’s best high schools. That, in spite of slipping in the annual Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education performance report.

Newsweek has two lists in this year’s rankings: one for excellence and one that takes income into account, called Beating the Odds. Brentwood made 205 on the straight excellence ranking and 292 in the list weighted for income.

Brentwood principal, Ed Johnson, said there’s been lots of work in the background the past year; lots of new students too, which could account for the slip in the state score. Johnson is in his second year as principal.

He also said the high school can’t take all the credit for the Newsweek ranking.

“Each level of the district builds on the next,” he said. “It really does take a village. That includes the support staff and the whole community.”

In the overall excellence list, Brentwood was given a college readiness score of 86.59, college bound percentile of 89.54 and graduation rate of 90.97. It rated area poverty at 21.72 percent.

Other area schools, Maplewood Richmond Heights and Clayton, did not make the list.

See Newsweek’s method of rating schools.

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