Brentwood officials consider sales tax for flood mitigation plan

Manchester Road in Brentwood has flooded in heavy rains for years. Monday night Brentwood aldermen considered a sales tax for a plan to ease the flooding, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The officials considered putting a 0.5 percent sales tax on the April ballot, and voted to hire an outside firm to evaluate the potential revenue — they believe the tax could bring in $3.2 million a year.

The flooding affects approximately 60 acres from Mary Avenue to Hanley Road. The cost of the flood improvement project, as well as improving the trail system in the area and upgrading that part of Manchester Road would be $71.4 million. Brentwood would spend the money as it received it, the Post-Dispatch reports.

The deadline to submit the bill to the St. Louis County Board of Elections for the April election is Jan. 23.

Mayor Chris Thornton outlined a plan to ease the flooding in a report in March, which includes channel improvements to Deer Creek, levees and water storage areas.

Officials also heard the first reading for a 909 square foot drive through custard shop at 2301 S. Brentwood Boulevard. See also: ‘Monkey Business’ custard shop planned in Brentwood: mayor is the owner

Site drawing for the custard shop planned for the corner of White Avenue and S. Brentwood Boulevard


14 thoughts on “Brentwood officials consider sales tax for flood mitigation plan

  1. Brentwood obviously needs to resolve this issue in order to increase its sales tax revenue. However, had Brentwood years ago merged with Maplewood, Richmond Heights, and Rock Hill (cities that all generate decent tax revenue), this wouldn’t be such a pressing issue now.

    Many in Brentwood would argue that such a merger would somehow hurt the performance of Brentwood schools. However, if the performance of Brentwood schools is only due to the superior organizational effectiveness of the Brentwood school district, one might expect that its superior effectiveness would translate to the other districts.

    Of course, the merged city would have only one police department and one fire department–something that the citizens of the individual cities currently strongly disfavor.

  2. No tax increase! Enough already! Cut the the salaries of these “officials” whomever they are and you will have your money. Sick and tired of taxing us poor working people.

      • Daniel your first reply to Todd was enough. I was going to reply to your comment that you must be smoking illegal. Now that we know you are a Socialist we will expect you to share all your wealth with those in need. Your wealth must have been given to you so you must share. I worked hard for my wealth and I am keeping every penny I have, and will vote NO on any tax increase if it is on a ballot.

  3. They work that msd is doing will separate storm Water and Sewer water and will not have any impact on Overland flooding

  4. Can’t they get some state or federal funding for this? I would think severe flooding would qualify for some program??? Putting this on the backs of consumers is not the right way to go.

  5. I have been a patron of Wild Nails for several years. Everytime it floods Jason and his wife suffer financial loss. Those pedicure massage chairs are not cheap. I support a solution to this issue.

  6. lets do it, fix the flooding!!!!!!! something needs to be done in the lower Manchester flood plain district. If you could get some bushiness back in that area that would help recoup the investment from mitigation efforts. Do nothing and area will just continue to decline. two of our long term bushiness down there are already relocating, lawn care equipment I hear is renovating a building off Watson and the American locksmith building is up for sale. Those will soon be added to the list of other vacant builds and lots in that area.