Brentwood officials honor Louise Charboneau

Brentwood resident, Louise Charboneau, who passed on last month, and who was known for her passionate activism for Brentwood’s trees, was recognized in a new city tree guidelines manual on Monday.

Charboneau spoke often at board of aldermen meetings and was active in other city commission meetings. She was a candidate for mayor of Brentwood when she died.

Brentwood City Administrator Bola Akande reported in an email to 40 South that city officials OK’d prefacing the city’s new Tree Policies and Guidelines Manual with a recognition to Charbonneau.

Parks and Recreation Director Eric Gruenenfelder and Parks Superintendent Peter Van Lin updated the department’s ‘Policies and Procedures Manual’ by including a new chapter entitled ‘Arboricultural Specifications.’ The chapter defines tree care policies for city staff.

A ‘Tree Policies and Guidelines Manual’ was also created, which expands on tree care policies.

Both the policies and procedures and the manual are based upon the highest nationally accepted standards set for tree care, Akande said.

In recognition of Louise Charbonneau, Alderman David Plufka made a motion to amend the section of the ‘Tree Policies and Guidelines Manual,’ entitled ‘Tree Policy Manual,’ to say, “In adopting these policies and procedures, the city recognizes Louise Charboneau, a long time and politically active resident, who often advocated on behalf of improving and sustaining Brentwood’s Urban Forest.” It was seconded by Alderman Steve Lochmoeller and passed unanimously.

Louise Charbonneau at the podium at the Nov. 7, 2016, board of aldermen meeting. She  gave her opinion there to the city officials at many meetings. Photo via Brentwood City YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Brentwood officials honor Louise Charboneau

  1. Thank you for your recognition of Louise, Alderman Plufka. Your recommendation would make Louise very, very happy. m.

  2. i am in tears, Louise-i do not SPEAK with very many people, but I LISTEN to everything and everyone. Louise and I were of one mind-“TO EXPOSE THE SLICK POLITICIAN, DUAL $$$ INTEREST, SELF-SERVING “GLAD-HAND MAYOR” WHO SUPPOSEDLY SPEAKS FOR THE CITY OF BRENTWOOD. LOUISE WAS HONEST and full of care. The current mayor is an obfuscating “gamer” and glutton–like most of his slim %ile following who vote. i love you Louise. B’WD NEEDS A REAL MAYOR. Louise my heart breaks as you were such a rare and beautiful bird and balanced champion of all that is good and all that is B’Wd. love, m