Brentwood police officer retires, honored

Retiring Brentwood police officer, Sgt. Tom Zurheide, was recognized at last week’s Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting.

Chief of Police Dan Fitzgerald said Zurheide came to Brentwood’s police department after working in St. Louis city, and that he and others who previously worked in St. Louis brought invaluable experience. Zurheide worked for Brentwood 22 years.

Fitzgerald also noted Zurheide’s “unique sense of humor.”

Retiring Brentwood police officer Tom Zurheide (right) with Chief of Police Dan Fitzgerald at the Brentwood meeting.

Retiring Brentwood police officer, Tom Zurheide was recognized at the Jan. 17 board of aldermen meeting.

2 thoughts on “Brentwood police officer retires, honored

  1. Good for you Officer Zurheide . After serving this community and the City of St. Louis. You deserve a long awaited rest. I wish you the best so get out there and have some fun.