Brentwood Radio Shack to close

After 41 years in business, the Brentwood Radio Shack (2518 South Brentwood Boulevard) is closing. The corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday for the second time in two years, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The store survived the first round of cuts, but not the second.

An employee there on Saturday said its last day is March 31. According to the Post-Dispatch, the store is included in a list of area stores that Radio Shack says it plans to liquidate and vacate by April 4.

Sprint is the primary tenant of the Brentwood location.

In February 2014, an employee said the Brentwood store had been open 39 years, which would make it a 41-year run for the store.

4 thoughts on “Brentwood Radio Shack to close

  1. RadioShack Allied Radio, Heathkit, all gone now. I used to love browse the first two and I built many kits from the last one.

  2. Radio shack got away from its core business years ago.. Hi Fi audio and speaker products.. Repair parts and electronics.. Sad.. I quit going there years ago because of that.. We’re all stuck in the Internet age now..

  3. From what I have seen, the Brentwood Radio Shack did its best to adapt. I saw many changes over the years, and I received excellent service and assistance from its employees. Very very sorry to see them go!