Brentwood resident has GoFundMe to sell her photos

Brentwood resident Maureen Wheat is a dedicated photographer, and now is selling 8×10 copies through a GoFundMe campaign.

Wheat says she has been shooting for 50 years, and would like to get her photographs into ‘retail circulation.’

“In my life, I have never spared my dignity to get the photo. I’ve laid on tracks to shoot oncoming street cars and laid down on the sidewalk to get 200-year-old trees. I have stopped  traffic, requested people to move aside,” she says on the site.

“Each photo shows the Joy and Love of God for humanity, and as well, the everyday things we miss by having too much on our minds,” she says. “If you are an artist, you will understand  the ‘bright beautiful days, and the dark sacred night’ — beyond time and space in “What a Wonderful World.” I am disabled and  very reclusive. But my camera speaks for me.”

Her goal is $3,000, and anyone donating $50  will receive an 8×10 of the sun setting over Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana.  “It is a very moving picture, and with no photo negs left, this will a once in a lifetime film presentation.”

See her GoFundMe campaign here. Wheat is on Twitter at @maureenwheat.






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