Brentwood resident questions aldermen about city’s recycling program

Brentwood resident, Robin Duntze, asked some city aldermen specific questions by email about the city’s recycling program. After receiving no responses, Duntze allowed the questions to be posted here.

Duntze said that although there was some explanation given on Facebook, NextDoor, and in comments regarding a 40 South News article, it’s important to note that not all residents may have access to, or awareness of, these platforms.

Duntze’s so-far unanswered questions to Brentwood aldermen Andy Leahy, Steve Lochmoeller, and David Dimmitt:

  • I was wondering if the city of Brentwood is planning to update residents about the recycling situation either via a link on the city website or preferably via a newsletter sent to all residents?
  • Could the City provide more detail concerning the almost 4 month gap in recycling services?
  • Why did Republic Services not approve a temporary agreement with the city sooner?
  • How long is the temporary agreement in effect, and when does the City anticipate a permanent recycling contract?
  • Will the City post a copy of the temporary agreement with Republic Services on its website or in a newsletter?
  • Dimmitt’s clarification states that city staff reported on August 15th, 2018 at the Brentwood Public Works Committee meeting that Resource Management would no longer accept single stream recycling effective Oct. 31, 2018. When did the City first receive notice from Resource management about the termination of services?
  • Dimmitt also explains that at the Oct. 10th 2018 Public Works Committee meeting that Republic Services submitted a contract to the City to take over the single stream recycling. Can the City post a copy of this initial contract, and explain the sticking points that resulted in the adoption of a temporary contract being delayed until Feb. 19th? Once again, how long is the temporary contract in effect?

10 thoughts on “Brentwood resident questions aldermen about city’s recycling program

  1. This thoroughly irritates me. We are fairly new to Brentwood, moving here from Chesterfield several years ago and hoping this smaller city would be more responsive, transparent, and respectful of its residents. This is the same patriarchal garbage (pun intended) we got out west. Is it so hard to keep us informed and give us the inconvenient truth?

  2. These are the same people who want $75,000,000 for their Brentwood Bound project. How well do you think they will manage and account for all that money when they won’t answer simple questions about a recycling contract?

    • The City should provide a timeline of events, with documentation. Some of the City’s public statements concerning the change of recycling services have been misleading, at best.

      • This is a quote from the November 1 2018 40 South News story on the recycling switch: “The city has hired Republic Services for three years and doesn’t plan to raise the rate for its residents.”

  3. Robin, I share your frustration. I voiced my concern to my alderperson and did get a response, but am still very displeased about the way this all played out.

    • Thanks, Anna. I think there should be more transparency from the City government about this issue.

      • Good for you Robin. Seems like it’s a tradition at city hall to only answer the questions you WANT to answer. I’d like to see a clear accounting of this cluster as well as several others.

      • Transparency in Brentwood, you have got to be kidding. LOL!!! Their history of backroom deals and political payoffs goes back many years…

        • We only need enough transparency to figure out if our elected officials lied to us or were too incompetent to negotiate and sign a contract for recycling services.