Brentwood voters to decide tax in November

The City of Brentwood has placed Proposition 1/Use Tax on the Nov. 7 ballot for residents to decide, according to the city.

A use tax is levied in many cities and by the state of Missouri on out-of-state business-to-business and internet sales.

The ballot issue would authorize Brentwood to levy a 1.5 percent use tax on purchases from out-of-state vendors who are exempt from local sales tax. The tax would also apply to internet purchases over $2,000 per year by individuals when self-reported on their state income tax returns. This use tax is estimated to generate about $28,000 for the city of Brentwood annually.



9 thoughts on “Brentwood voters to decide tax in November

  1. Glad to see this one fail. The people of Brentwood have had enough of corruption and wasteful spending…

  2. What a lame attempt by the politicos of Brentwood to generate additional revenue to offset their wasteful spending and malfeasance. Do you really think anyone will “self report” their internet purchases on their taxes? LOL…

    • If in a Business, “costs” would be reported against income. If that cost is not reported, it “increases” the tax on apparent “profit”. If the purchase is reported as an expense, then Brentwood would claim the use tax on the purchase. I have no current specifics, but I’d guess that the state and federal taxes that can be avoided with a business expense are greater than the use tax.

      It seems that an individual get nailed by both taxes.

  3. Sorry for the mistakes below. I am upset over Private Bergdahl skating no Levenworth at hard labor. I hope Mad Dog gets to speak with the puppet judge he must originally live in the 9th Circuit District out west.

  4. If I want to buy something and I can’t find it anywhere in this state, why should I be penalized for buying it somewhere else? If you can’t find a short you need right away and got to Polo website and by it you will pay Missouri sales tax because Polo is sold in Missouri. Who in the heck introduced this bill anyway? We will never know!

  5. “by individuals when self-reported on their state income tax returns”

    Yeah, that’s gonna work really well.

  6. That’s right. Let’s chase away out of state business. As if this ghetto city called St. Louis already has a horrible reputation as ghetto capital of the midwest. Cut our city government salaries by 10%. Solved.