Business damaged by downtown Maplewood fire holding benefit concert

Harmony, Health & Healing, a business damaged extensively by the fire in the 7300 block of Manchester Road on Aug. 20, is holding a benefit concert to help them rebuild.

The concert is Sunday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Focal Point, 2720 Sutton Boulevard. The suggested donation is $20.

Maplewood Fire Chief Terry Merrell has said the cause of the fire was electrical.

6 thoughts on “Business damaged by downtown Maplewood fire holding benefit concert

  1. Insurance would have to be the right type for the damage sustained as well as what was covered. How much was from the actual fire and how much is from water damage caused to put it out? Probably some sort of percentages assigned to things. And there is of course the deductible that most of us have. Furniture and tables, towels and such may not be covered as well. I suspect that most of us don’t carry enough to cover everything that we have and I suspect that most businesses don’t either.

  2. Hi there! I am the owner of Harmony, Health, and Healing. I’m very sorry for any confusion as far as the actual wording of my flyer. The concert was to help us recover the personal property mainly yes. We had insurance but it was sadly not comprehensive as I had thought it was and only will cover liability issues but none of my personal property.

    What Rob said was a good clarification and thank you!

    The communities support has been so amazing and we cannot say enough thanks!

  3. I own the building at 7342 Manchester that sustained the fire on the second floor that was occupied by Harmony Health & Healing. I think the statement on the flyer that says, “help Harmony Health & Healing rebuild their location” is unintentionally confusing, especially the word “rebuild” (which was also used in this article). Insurance companies will cover the repair, restoration and reconstruction of the space (i.e., the physical “rebuilding”). I believe the benefit event that occurred on October 7 was to generate money to assist Harmony get back on their feet when they re-open (e.g., help with their deductibles, replace massage equipment, supplies, office furniture, computers, etc., not to mention that they suffered a disruption of operations and loss of income). The support Harmony has received from the community has been heartening and is true to what Maplewood is all about. Thanks to Doug Miner for continuing to shine a light on our business community.