Businesses open in Richmond Heights

Two businesses have opened at The Crossing at Richmond Heights, at the corner of Hanley Road and Dale Avenue.

Red Robin burgers and Cyclebar are open for business. Eventually, Starbucks, Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe, Firehouse Subs and Blaze Pizza will open in the mall along with Cyclebar, an indoor bicycling facility. A Marriott hotel is also under construction at the development.

The future Starbucks is currently just a shell. A member of the Richmond Heights city staff said the city is waiting on more information from the coffee company before all the permits can be issued. He said following that it might be a couple months before it opens.

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Red Robins is now open.

Cyclebar opened in the beginning of May.

The future Starbucks is just a shell.

3 thoughts on “Businesses open in Richmond Heights

  1. We don’t need more retail space. High density housing would serve the region and existing businesses much more efficiently. There WILL be empty retail space as soon as these high-growth model franchises leave, which will be as soon as profits stop turning double digit growth percentages. When retail space empties it spreads like cancer until the whole region declines. City planners should think a bit farther into the future.

  2. I wish all the new businesses good luck.. it is so congested at that location I avoid it like the plague