Maplewood Police responds; stops speeders

An Ellendale neighborhood resident who lives near the Greenwood-Canterbury intersection in Maplewood said at the Maplewood City Council meeting on Jan. 9 that drivers often make rolling stops there, and asked for Maplewood Police to patrol the spot.

He also said cars can hit speeds of up to 50 mph on Greenwood. The speed limit on Greenwood and Canterbury is 25. It’s also 25 on Ellendale Avenue.

A Maplewood patrol car was spotted “educating” drivers on Canterbury on Tuesday, a Twitter user reported.

8 thoughts on “Maplewood Police responds; stops speeders

  1. I drive from Dogtown or South city along Manchester to take my son to St. Mary Magdalen. At least 2 tines a week a car will (illegally) pass me just to beat me to the red light!! A few times they have even almost forced a game of chicken where I have to slam on the breaks so they don’t cause a 3 car collision.

  2. If people would lesve a little earlier they wouldn’t have to speed to get to where they are going.

  3. The Maplewood and Richmond Heights police would do well to watch out out for people running the stop signs. They don’t seem to understand what that red octagon sign means. Had my car totaled at Lohmeyer and Bredell in December 2015 by a woman in a truck running the stop sign. I would suggest that have someone at Claytonia and Dale. I am at that intersection almost daily traveling north on Claytonia and never count on any one traveling on Dale to stop–including the Richmond Heights police cars which I have witnessed roll through the stop sign!

  4. I am not sure how you can speed on some of the streets in Maplewood. If they are not being torn up for the gas or sewer lines just about every other block they were and the patching job is not done very well. Other streets are so full of pot holes that you cannot miss some of them. Big Ben from Manchester to Highway 40 is a mess. Then there are the narrow streets where you have cars parked on one side or the other and if you meet someone coming the other direction I have to slow down and scoot over to make sure we don’t bump mirrors.

    I wish that they would take every street and take about a foot off the front yard of everyone’s yard and widen the streets. That little amount would certainly help with the narrow streets.

  5. Speeding is rampant on our residential streets throughout Maplewood . It’s out of control. I also had a truck at the corner of Big Bend and Manchester where I was turning left go around me on the left side because I didn’t make the turn fast enough to suit him. Nobody follows the rules anymore. They are all special.

  6. Good to hear. A few months ago I stopped at that intersection’s stop sign from Maple and was about to turn left onto Canterbury when someone zipped through the intersection from Greenwood cutting in front of me without stopping so I had to slam on my brakes. I honked but the guy seemed to act like he didn’t have to stop at the stop sign.