Patches: An Unlikely Hero

Once a Lonely Hearts Club member at the APA, Patches is now in training to perform lifesaving work. Those who don’t know Patches don’t notice his insatiable appetite for toys. They don’t know how, every day on his walk, Patches raced out to the toy box in the dog park to pick out his own stuffed animal or ball, or both, if he could fit them in his mouth. They haven’t heard how we bent the “outside only” toy rule for Patches so that he could carry his all the way back to the kennels before releasing it. They do, however, notice his ears.

Springtime Pet Allergies

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Spike is scratching at himself a little more than usual. Maybe Kitty has runny eyes or is suddenly quite sneezy. People aren’t the only creatures who suffer from allergies, especially in the warmer weather. Here are some tips to help alleviate your pet’s springtime symptoms.

Mold, pollen, grass, dust and flea bites are all common irritants to a pet’s immune system. Those jogs around the park and even spring cleaning can trigger allergic responses.

Streets of Maplewood — therapy dog Craven at Stone Spiral

Craven the Therapy Dog and handler Toni Jackson; LMT, NCTMB Board Certified Massage Therapist with Wellness Choice, takes a break at Stone Spiral Coffee. Craven visits schools, nursing homes and corporate offices and is in popular demand. They were out visiting with Vicki Carpenter with Prism Touch Massage. Matt Miller’s “Streets of Maplewood” series was inspired by the blog, Humans of New York, a collection of quotes, stories and photos of New Yorkers.

Junior Achievement visits Saint Mary Magdalen School

Students at Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School in Brentwood participated in Junior Achievement Day recently. Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Volunteers from  the St. Louis chapter presented age-level programs in each classroom, from kindergarten through eighth grade. These educators are local Schnucks’ employees who volunteer their time to assist Junior Achievement with the presentations.

APA’s Fast and the Furriest Runs Again!

Back again for its 6th year, the Fast and the Furriest, on Sunday, is one of the most anticipated 5K races around! Every April, more than 500 people and their pups pack Tower Grove Park for a morning of fast-paced fun that raises money for homeless pets. The Fast and the Furriest 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk offers participants both a professionally-timed race as well as the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful park. This year, the APA’s new Director of Education, longtime KSDK anchor Jennifer Blome, will lead the 1-Mile Walk and head up the children’s activity area. More than a dozen vendor booths, including Sports Authority, New Balance and Kennelwood, will be on site offering visitors a variety of goods and services, and Destination Desserts food truck will be satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth.

Streets of Maplewood – Edible Flowers

“Would you like to buy some edible flowers?” Matt Miller’s “Streets of Maplewood” series was inspired by the blog, Humans of New York, a collection of quotes, stories and photos of New Yorkers.

Big boom brings out neighborhood

All the emergency services showed up along with everybody in the neighborhood following a big boom Friday around 5 p.m. near Foley’s Bar and Grill, on Greenwood Boulevard. Editor: Maplewood police assisted the fire department, and recorded the incident as an “unfounded matter.” They say it may have been a noise from a train. Subscribe to the 40 South News daily newsletter. Fire Chief Terry Merrell said he has lived near the railroad tracks for nearly 20 years and heard similar sounds on many occasions.

Give STL Day: Serving the whole community

The APA is excited to announce that on Tuesday, May 6, we will take part in the very first Give STL Day. This locally-focused online giving event partners more than 500 area nonprofits with the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation to rally our community’s donors for one day in order to raise significant funds for local needs. Other cities around the country have raised millions of dollars in the past several years through their own giving days, and this year St. Louis will join dozens of partner cities in providing essential support to local charitable organizations, like the APA. Many community businesses and philanthropists have lined up to support the effort, and, throughout the day, there will be “Power Hours” offering matching gifts, $500 drawings and a $5000 bonus for the organization with the most donors participating.

Below freezing temps forecasted: advice for outdoor plant care

According to the weather forecast, there is a good chance the temperatures will drop below freezing sometime Monday night or early Tuesday morning. The good news, it doesn’t appear that the cold will stay with us for long. Here are a few tips to get your plants through it. Vegetable or Flower Beds

If you recently planted your vegetable garden or your annuals in a flower bed, there are a few things you can do to help protect these little plants. First of all, make sure your seedlings are well watered.

Streets of Maplewood: Proud heavy metal fan

Matt Miller’s “Streets of Maplewood” series was inspired by the blog, Humans of New York, a collection of quotes, stories and photos of New Yorkers. “I like your t-shirt,” Miller said (to this guy, who happened to be named Matt). “Yeah, I’m still in the eighties,” he said.”

Maplewood History: The Endangered Cabinetry of Harper’s Pharmacy

Have you ever looked at photos of past streetscapes not only in Maplewood but other places as well and wondered how is it that the folks in charge at the time could let so many important structures be lost?  Part of the answer is that they weren’t all lost at once but rather individually over what seems a long period of time compared to the lifespan of just one person. Another part of the answer is that we live in a country with a history of not interfering much with owners of private property.  This is not all good.  Our best structures have lifespans that far exceed any human being’s.  They also have many owners over the course of their useful years. Unfortunately some of the owners are the sort that take as much as possible out of a building and put back as little as they can.  These folks can greatly disrupt a community by stripping buildings of the details that make them interesting and often leaving them in bad repair.  That is why it is important to remain vigilant and insist that owners keep their properties in good repair.  Structures deemed important to the history of the community and beyond require special consideration. If you’ve ever looked at photos from the past and thought more should have been done to preserve the things that were important, well at this very moment in time we are losing an important part of our historic fabric, the wonderful cabinetry of the Harper’s Pharmacy. The persons responsible this time are surprising for they are the executives of the Sierra Club of Eastern Missouri.  I spoke with one, John Hickey, Thursday afternoon.  After listening to his reasons why the cabinets cannot stay, I’m not convinced.  I believe if he were of a mind to keep them, they could be very useful and no doubt fascinating to anyone visiting their office.  To their credit the Sierra Club folks are keeping other parts of the historic interior such as the floor covered with one inch, square, ceramic tiles and hopefully the pressed, tin ceiling.

APA a Finalist in 12 Bars of Clayton

Twice a year, thousands of people from around the St. Louis area give $25 in honor of their favorite charity, and, in return, take a tour of tipples through 12 bars of Clayton. The pub crawl, known by its enthusiastic patrons as 12BOC, has become a wildly popular way to party with friends while helping local nonprofit organizations. It’s also a big fundraiser for the charities involved. Last December, Hope for Young Adults with Cancer raised over $12,000 for their clients!

A diet you can easily follow

Eating a balanced meal should not be as complicated as a chemistry experiment. Is it possible to live one’s life fully without being subject to the ever-changing theories and beliefs around what constitutes good eating? No question that it is important to nourish our body, but not at the expense of our mind, heart and spirit. Famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh, had an innate craving for scientific discoveries and advancement in aviation and medicine. Later in life, he set his sights on a more metaphysical view, with this intriguing remark, “If his civilization is to continue, modern man must direct the material power of his science by the spiritual truths of his God.” [Lindbergh, A. Scott Berg p484] Lindbergh traveled the globe many times eating what was set before him and feeling enriched by those with whom he came into contact.

What was once old is new again! Smart gardening tips

Gardens are beginning to appear in backyards across the country from the White House to your house. Enjoying fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in your own backyard can be a family activity that is both fun and economical. To help keep a smile on your face and the pain away from your neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees try using the following tips:

Warm up before you start. Gentle stretching of the muscles of your upper and lower body increases flexibility and ease of movement. Plan ahead and be realistic.

Maplewood History: In memory of Alice Harper, a short history of Harper’s Pharmacy

 Alice Harper, a long time Maplewood resident and member of the prominent Harper family, proprietors of Harper’s Pharmacy has just recently passed away.  I had the good fortune to meet Alice once in 2008 while doing research for the Maplewood history book commemorating the 100th anniversary of our incorporation. Alice had sold her family’s home at 7378 Hazel and was living in an apartment at Laclede Forest on Laclede Station Road.  She generously shared with me her historic family photos and patiently explained her family history which I am repeating below as a tribute to her. Alice’s passing should remind us all that these older folks have had interesting and very different life experiences. Get to know them while you can.  It’s too late to ask Alice any more questions. Alice’s grandfather, William H. Harper moved to Maplewood in 1904.

Mental fortitude combined with “real living” usher in health as we age

Recently, I was struck by two posters of a physically fit senior man and woman located near the weight room at my local YMCA. These two models stared out at me with a menacing, Rocky Balboa attitude. The caption underneath read, “Growing old is not for sissies.”

You and I don’t need to be “sissies” either – buying into the cradle to grave view of life and a bittersweet feeling in our advancing years. Cultivating a stalwart attitude and a mental determination to counteract the headwinds of aging is a good start. But isn’t there a deeper yearning for all of us to break through the crust of decline and death to understand what life or true living is all about?

APA welcomes Jennifer Blome as Director of Humane Education

After more than 30 years at the desk of KSDK News Channel 5, journalist Jennifer Blome is retiring from the news business and joining her fellow animal lovers as the Director of Humane Education at the APA. The APA is thrilled to have well-known broadcast journalist and animal advocate, Jennifer Blome, joining our organization. Jennifer’s love of animals is no secret to the many viewers of Today in St. Louis, where she hosted Sammy’s Stars, a daily segment featuring adoptable homeless animals in our area. Many of the APA’s own pets found their families through Sammy’s Stars.

Streets of Maplewood 2 – Going to McDonald’s

Maplewood resident Matt Miller’s “Streets of Maplewood” was inspired by the blog, Humans of New York, a collection of quotes, stories and photos of New Yorkers. Miller also thinks “Streets of Maplewood” could be a community based project. Send any contributions to 40 South News to “What are you girls up to?” “We’re going to McDonald’s in Webster to meet cute boys!”