Maplewood History: The Big Bend Quarry

For many years a quarry of a substantial size operated in Maplewood. Known as the Big Bend Quarry, it does not appear on the 1909 Plat Map of St. Louis County nor is it found in the 1912 Directory of the City of Maplewood. It was in business by 1917 according to an advertisement found in the archives of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Streets of Maplewood – Delton

Maplewood resident Matt Miller’s “Streets of Maplewood” was inspired by the blog, Humans of New York, a collection of quotes, stories and photos of New Yorkers. “you get wifi here?” “Right there” (points)
“What’s your name?” “Delton”
“What’s the happiest time in your life?” “DJ-ing”

APA Laces Up for 6th Annual 5K

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to dust off those running shoes and start stretching- the Fast and the Furriest 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk is on its way! What: 6th Annual Fast and the Furriest 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk
Where: Sons of Rest Pavilion at Tower Grove Park (4256 Magnolia Ave, St Louis, Missouri 63110)
When: Sunday, April 27 at 9:00 a.m.

Mark your calendars now for the furriest race in town! This unique event is one of only a handful of races in the whole country that allows participants to run or walk with their four-legged friend. Now in its 6th year at Tower Grove Park, participation in this popular, festive run grows every year- nearly 500 people came out for it last year! The 5K features RFID chip timing on a course accurately measured by Fleet Feet Sports, and the 1 Mile Walk offers a nice scenic stroll through the park, with or without your pooch.

Creation — GENESIS — Evolution, a blog

Frank K. Flinn, the retired adj. professor of religious studies at Washington University in St. Louis, and Stone Spiral Coffee House customer, submitted this article to 40 South News. Creation — GENESIS — Evolution

The creationism vs. evolutionism debate is heating up again.

Community Activism Saves Abused Dog

If you spent time on any of the major social media sites yesterday, chances are you saw the animal abuse video from St. Louis circulating. The graphic video featured a young teenager slamming a dog to the ground and punching the dog while another teen laughed and recorded the abuse. By the time it was finally taken down from Facebook, the video had been shared more than 10,000 times throughout the day. The APA was one of many local agencies flooded with calls from across the country asking how to help the animal.

Maplewood History: Woodside’s Family Photo Album

One of the unexpected pleasures of working on the Woodside project has been meeting and getting to know some of the descendants of Charles and Mary Rannells.  Without exception they have allowed me to copy and photograph their family treasures and use the images how I saw fit. They came together from several far apart locations around the country, pooled their historic documents and letters, and then donated them to what was then the Western Historic Manuscript Collection, next to the Mercantile Library on the campus at UMSL.  (WHMC is now known as The Historical Society of the State of Missouri, Research Center-St. Louis).  Anyone who is interested can see all of these originals along with copies of the Rannells families’ historic photos and paintings. This is a tremendous boost to the history of our area and an even bigger boost to the understanding of the history of our city, Maplewood. Particularly rewarding to me is talking to some of the folks whose interest has been sparked by something they saw in my blog or book.  I will attempt to post as much of this information as I can.  We owe a big thanks to the generous souls who share with all of us their fascinating historic images and information.

Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Brrrrr! Most of this weather is apparently moving off, and not soon enough. This article would have been more timely a few weeks ago with the snowfall, but as it lingers, it appears to be getting even more bitter. Here are some suggestions for helping our furred and feathered friends cope. For dogs, pay special attention to their paws when returning inside.

APA Enters Adult Education with Animal Welfare Certificate Program at STLCC

The Animal Protective Association is taking its humane education program to a higher level…of education, that is. This month, the APA begins its second semester as a partner in the new Animal Welfare Assistant Certificate Program at St. Louis Community College. This popular program brings together local animal welfare organizations and animal-loving students to introduce major topics in the field and potentially prepare students for their future careers. Alongside instructors from the Humane Society of Missouri and St.

Maplewood History: Woodside’s Ned Rannells and the Big Cinch Busters

The first I heard of this very interesting story came from Patrick Kowalczyk in 2006 when I was doing some physical work on Woodside. Patrick told me of a program he remembered seeing on Channel 9 some years earlier that dealt with graft and corruption in large cities around 1900.  What stood out to Patrick was a political cartoon from that era depicting a fat cat politician.  Displayed somehow in the cartoon were names Patrick, a letter carrier, couldn’t help but  recognize.  They were the names of several of the streets around Woodside.  Two of those he remembered were Folk and Jerome. I was curious but this information meant nothing to me at the time. Sometime later, while my wife and I were waiting for a table at the Bottleworks, I picked up a book from their bookshelf in the waiting area.  The book was “Seeking St. Louis” edited by Lee Ann Sandweiss.  In the center of the book was an essay by a man named Wetmore that contained much of the information of the situation Patrick had seen referenced in the cartoon.

APA Moves Forward on Building Renovation

It’s official: The APA will remodel the front end of its building beginning in early February. Last week, the City of Brentwood cleared the way for the APA to begin a construction project that has been years in the making. Beginning on February 10, the front-end of the shelter will see walls demolished, new rooms built, and throughout the whole process, the shelter will remain open. Visitors can expect to see several significant changes once construction is completed. Three new meet-and-greet rooms will accommodate adopters visiting with their potential new pets.

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a winter we are having!  I hope that everybody out there is staying warm. But even more so, I hope all the animals out there are staying warm. I know that I am stocking up my bird feeders as we speak, and worrying about my glorious Canada geese that have to weather the winter (no pun intended) and also worry about the other little song birds, the foxes and coyotes, the deer, etc, you name it, I wonder how these creatures fare in heat and cold. Anyway, our domestic pets depend on us for safe harboring, and here are a few considerations. Cats are independent little spirits who are best kept inside.  There have been very many studies and concerns about cats decimating the song bird population, and certainly cats and cars are not a good mix.  Best keep kitty indoors.

APA Welcomes New Canine Residents Through Dog Transfer Program

To help increase placement rates at neighboring animal shelters, the APA is transferring dogs to its own kennels. In the past 8 weeks, 43 dogs have found new temporary homes at the APA. From Shepherds and Labs to Corgis and Malteses, the APA has brought canine companions from all over the area to its shelter in order to give adoptable dogs the best chance at a new home. The program has seen great success in its short time- more than two-thirds of all the dogs have already been adopted, and the rest are still patiently waiting for their families. The pooches have come from several areas – both St.

A dialogue about local fresh food access…

One of the things that I enjoy about living in Maplewood, is the overall awareness about fresh food access that has been developing in the community. I am exceptionally keen on what local organizations are doing or have developed in response to concerns about food, where it comes from and ensuring adequate access to fresh food resources as a community. Last year, one of these organizations, Maplewood United Christ Church was the site of a ‘Food Pantry Bucket Garden’. According to the pastor of Maplewood United Christ Church Reverand Betty Sue Sherrod and a key member on the project, Jan Roddy, ‘Approximately 30 vegetable plants/buckets were grown in an area near the church parking lot with the help of a portable irrigation system and another 20 were dispersed to be taken home by congregation members. From late July through September fresh produce like tomatoes, squash and peppers were harvested and delivered to the neighboring St.

Happy New Year from the APA!

From start to finish, 2013 was a great year at the APA! Through the Monsanto Grow St. Louis contest, we won new glass kennels for our dogs, giving the pups a less stressful and healthier environment while they await their new homes. During The Harry & Hanley Project, we celebrated our 90th anniversary in high style with amazing larger-than-life animal sculptures and a summer full of memorable, fun events. This fall, we began an exciting new chapter in humane education through a partnership with St.

8 Unique Pet Gift Ideas from the APA

Christmas is fast approaching, and you may still be searching for that special something for Fluffy or Fido. Don’t  worry- the APA has you covered. With this list of fun and unusual gift ideas, you’re sure to spoil your pet without breaking the bank. 1. Airplane Cat House ($26,

It’s no secret that cats love to pretend they’re invisible inside cardboard boxes.

David Backes-signed Tees Benefit the Animal Protective Association

Scratching your head over what to give the Blues fan who has it all?  Score one for the holidays by bidding on exclusive David Backes autographed ‘Holiday Blues’ t-shirts and ticket pack, while also helping homeless pets! As part of the Ugly Holiday Sweater Tees campaign (, the APA and local marketing agency Switch partnered to auction several St. Louis Blues-themed t-shirts signed by the team captain. Two of the shirts for auction are packaged with a pair of nearly-front row tickets to an upcoming game, one against the Coyotes in January and the other against the Predators in February. These very limited edition shirts are available for bidding only until Saturday afternoon.

Winter Pet Tips from the APA

Sleet and snow are a sure sign that winter has arrived. It’s a good time to remember that, even with their fur coats, pets are susceptible to cold weather woes, too. Keep your fur babies safe and warm this winter with these tips. Bring in all pets when temperatures drop below 32°. Frostbite is a real threat to an animal exposed to harsh, cold weather.